Monday, December 12, 2016

Day 2615 - The summer holidays have begun

Are you in holiday mode yet?

Summers spent with cousins at the coast (2014)

This time last year we were on a flight to the USA for a winter Christmas.  We've been looking back fondly at our photos and feeling a tad sad.  It's not that we want to trade our summer for their winter (absolutely not!) it's just that it was such a special trip that will sit in our hearts forever. A Christmas forever nestled in our soul.

As fantastic as that trip was, we're staying in Australia this year.  Which is perfect because we get to embrace summer and all that it has to offer.

Today is the first day of school holidays and the kids are already packing their bags for a few nights at the coast.

The hubster is taking them and their cousin for a quick trip to our little beach cottage before the first of our summer tenants start to arrive.

That's what summer is to us.  Regular trips to Bateman's Bay via a well worn path.

The KIA gets filled to the rafters with surfboards, towels, people and sand.  Way too much sand.

Up until two years ago we'd stay at the in-laws with extended family in a sea of mattresses and bodies.  We'd drive back and forth for 4 day weekends for the entire month of January.

They've since downsized to a 2 bedroom apartment within a retirement complex, so the sea of bodies is less of an option.

I'm not sure how we'll play it this year.  Our own house at the coast brings in the bulk of its income during the Christmas holiday period which pays for our rates and other bills.  Other than a few days between Christmas and New Year, we won't be staying in our house.

The coast with their cousins has been the summer holiday standard for our kids since Miss 17 was a baby.  They don't know any other way to spend summer.

Waking up to a blue sky day filled with promise.  Spending 3 hours in the morning at the beach before the heat hits its peak.

Heading back to the house for toasted sandwiches, sausage rolls and salad for lunch.

The adults grabbing an afternoon nap in the air conditioning leaving the kids to play board games and XBox.

Wandering back to the beach in the late afternoon to walk the dogs.

A BBQ dinner and a family movie at night.

Sleep and repeat.

Four days at the coast, three days back home.  Four days at the coast, three days back home.  That's what January is for us.  That's our summer.

I'm not sure how we'll do it this year. With a bit of luck we'll find away to ensure our car is filled with sand again as is our January tradition.  Anything is possible, right?

How do you spend your summer?

Have your school holidays begun?

Will I ever actually get the sand out of my car?   

Today's post was inspired by Denyse's "summer holidays" prompt over at Denyse Whelan Blogs.


  1. That sounds perfect!!! I love time at the beach!

    1. I hope we get to do it again this year. I may have to rethink this maxamising our rental income thing.

  2. That's our plan too- beach, beach and more beach!

  3. Brilliant! I like the whole plan of there..and back...there and back...lucky to be having the best of both worlds..and loving Summer in Oz. I dont bother about sand in the car means I have been to the beach and walked or swum. Something I could not do nearly as easily when we lived in Sydney! Thanks for linking up #lifethisweek. Denyse x

    1. Yep, best of both worlds. Still working but playing a whole lot too.

  4. It all sounds magical, Leanne! Enjoy your summer.

    SSG xxx

  5. My daughters are still at school (my eldest graduates from primary school on Thursday; the younger two finish on Friday..
    I usually always book a summer holiday for a week, but this year is the first time we will be staying home. My in-laws have a beach house so we will probably go there for a few days at a time here and there.

  6. I am so envious of your summers! It sounds lovely... maybe except for the driving portions.


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