Sunday, January 8, 2017

Day 2642 - Mum jeans

Uh oh, I bought a pair of mum jeans ...

I am sick of being assaulted by my trousers so I recently went and bought a big comfy pair of stretchy mum jeans.  You know the ones. Loads of room in the tummy and crotch region with a high waist and plenty of give.

My body is changing shape. I have these thighs that like to pash each other constantly and my hips look more child bearing than they ever did when I was actually child bearing.  Let's not even talk about the pillow that is now my stomach.

You'll notice I'm wearing a lot of big shirts to cover what's happening in the mid section.  As for the back end ... I'm just grateful that the Kardashians have put big butts back in vogue.

brmp brmp brmp

I'm totally to blame of course.  I mean, I could blame the ageing process and the hormonal changes. I could blame the people who insist on gifting us with "Cadbury's Favourites".  I could even blame the festive season for increased alcohol consumption. But it's all me.  I've just become lazy when it comes to eating and exercise.

Right this minute I am eating a bowl of fruit and drinking a fruit and yoghurt smoothie to kick start my new healthy eating regime.

My new mum jeans are really comfy.  Too comfy. But it's time to push myself outside that comfort zone again ...

Anyone else got health and fitness goals? 

Do you own mum jeans?

Anyone else been assaulted by their clothing lately? 


  1. I'm laughing so hard right now but also nodding my head in agreement. I've been looking in the mirror recently and wondering who the hell that fat old lady is staring back at me! I've started walking again but haven't been very consistent and the kids keep making muffins which I keep eating!

  2. You picked a good pair, these don't look like mum jeans at all!!

  3. I need to get my act together re health and fitness now that the silly season is over.

    And they SO do not look like mum jeans. I'm a big believer in dressing for comfort anyway!


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