Monday, January 16, 2017

Day 2650 - Making the most of our summer holidays

What have you been up to these school holidays? 

If I'm totally honest I'm usually pretty happy when the school holidays finish, the kids go back to school and our routine starts again. During my work-from-home days I like there to be order, everything in its place and everyone out of the house.

But this year the idea of the kids returning to school is sending me into a panic. I'm not ready for the school holidays to end.

The last four weeks has gone by in the blink of an eye and it's with a pretty big dose of shock that I realise there are only two weeks left of the summer holidays.

Where did that time go?

I guess this particular break is important when it comes to the model daughter as she's in year 12 now and is hoping to move to Sydney in the latter half of the year to test the waters.  This may be the last big stretch of school holidays she ever gets.

As for my boy, even though he's only going into Year 8, he's the youngest of "the cousins" which means this could actually be the last school holidays he gets with the usual clan of his sister and cousins in tow.

No wonder my panic is setting in.

We usually keep the kids fairly well occupied during holiday time.  Regular trips to the coast, day trips to Sydney, time spent in Goulburn or just hanging around Canberra going to the movies, visiting local attractions, going to the public pool and inviting friends over to "play".

Then there are the days where we just chill.  We do nothing but hang out at home, happy in our own company.

So what have the kids done with their summer this year?

Time at the coast (our second home).

Walking from Surf Beach to Denhams Beach around the cliff top.
Our coastal travel includes time spent with my parents at our holiday house and time spent with the hubster's parents in their home

Our annual trip to the Bateman's Bay fair
Throw back to five years ago with the kids and their cousins

The tradition continues with the next generation

Trips to the movies

A visit to Sydney for a Broadway musical

Inviting people to the house

Celebrating our boys 13th birthday with the extended family

Finding ways to keep active

Our day trip to Bundanoon recently included some lunch time cricket

Visiting the local pools

Canberra Olympic Pool is a particular favourite this year with the diving boards a highlight
(Image Source)
A day trip to Bundanoon

A wander through the town

Checking out the views in Morton National Park

The next two weeks will have more of the same with another trip to the coast, an overnight camping trip with Nanny and Pop back at Morton National Park and a visit to Sydney for the model daughter.

Then it will be over for another year.  School will start, the routine will set in and before we know it we will be immersed back in the day to day rituals of everyday life.

What have you been doing with your school holidays?

Are you ready for them to end?

How will you spend the next two weeks? 


  1. Looks like you've had a fabulous holiday. We did an extended 7wk trip when Sarah finished the HSC at the end of 2015 only because it felt like everything was changing & that would be the last chance for an extended holiday for all of us together. As they get older there's so much that sense that things are changing.

  2. Make sure you check out Fitzroy Falls just up from Bundanoon - I loved it....

  3. I love that summer is full of family and fun. Thanks for sharing your memories and your plans for the next few weeks. Very exciting and best of luck to the model daughter!

    SSG xxx

  4. Sounds like big changes for your family this year!

  5. Looks like a fun holiday for you and the kids.I loved the summer holidays and still do even though I don't have children at home anymore. Happy 2017!

  6. This is our first "school holidays" in a sense as my daughter starts kindy this year. So it's all about to kick off for us and now i have to pay attention to term dates for the first time in over 20 years!

  7. Kids make the holidays so much more special don't they? I've taken January off work and I'm really enjoying the break - despite our useless internet! We saw Rogue One too and really enjoyed it (I was surprised at how good it was).

  8. It's both sweet and sad to see the changes occurring as you take stock isn't it? Those kids just keep changing and growing...waaah! I must say that now, with no kids or grandkids around, I actually find it quite a challenge to let myself relax and spend days doing what I want. Interesting turn of events this life thing! Best wishes to your daughter for coming to Sydney ...that's huge. As you know!! Thanks for linking up #lifethisweek3/52 Denyse

  9. Wow! So many amazing things! Denhams beach looks gorgeous! I've been wanting to see Moana, but I will settle for the fact that hubby and I saw Aladdin last November as our first date day/night since our son was born (who is almost 6 months!). Glad you've been enjoying the holidays!

  10. You know how to do school holidays well! Can I maybe go back in time and hang out with you for the school holidays? Sorry, creepy I know. But we basically worked on the farm and hung out at home. Which wasn't all bad actually, we had great times sword fighting with sticks and making mud stew out of everything in the backyard and playing etc.

  11. We spent a lot of time with my paternal cousins growing up and felt really close to them. I also have fond memories of a small fair we'd go to at the Gold Coast (where they lived) each Christmas time.

    School's back next week here and that's come around more quickly than I expected.


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