Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 2655 - I think I may need to start drinking coffee

Am I at a disadvantage due to a lack of caffeine? 

My husband once said he felt we were behind the eight ball when midday struck because neither of us drink coffee.

I personally thought that made us super-human, but he genuinely felt we had an excuse for getting lethargic in the early afternoon when the rest of the world was buzzing.

I'm starting to think he may have a point.

I made a decision over 20 years ago to ditch the coffee.  I've never really liked it, I abhor coffee breath and I felt it was contributing to my migraines.

Since then I've enjoyed being relatively "stimulant free".

I even decaffeinate my tea bags* before I have my morning cuppa.

So apart from a once-every-six-months can of coke and the occasional desperate Red Bull to keep me awake when doing the Canberra-Sydney-Canberra day trip, I don't have caffeine in my world.

This week I've started to think that perhaps my "stimulant free" status may be a little counter productive.  I am really struggling with mid afternoon tiredness and a serious case of brain fog which could well be rectified with a good old fashioned cup of coffee.

Who am I kidding.  Forget this mid-afternoon rubbish. I'm struggling the moment I get out of bed.

On Tuesday I actually had one of my rare Coke's at about 3pm and for the next four hours I was more productive than I'd been in ages.

So tell me: 

Am I at a disadvantage due to a lack of caffeine?

Am I perhaps not super-human after all?

Is my stimulant free status putting me behind the eight ball?  

* Rumour has it that if you dunk your tea bag in some boiling water, then empty it and start again, you are decaffeinating your tea because the caffeine apparently comes out in the first few jiggles.

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  1. I've often wondered how much more productive I'd be if I drank coffee. I'm a tea drinker as well, although I don't go so far as to decaffinate the bags (who knew you could do that?).
    I should just start eating caffinated cakes (yum tiramisu!) to see if it makes a difference. All in the name of science of course.

  2. Firstly, if you don't drink coffee, what do you do when we wankers bang on for half an hour about fresh roast, crema blah blah? Secondly, if I don't have 2 double shots first thing I get a headache. Which can make me an unpleasant travel companion in some countries...

  3. I don't drink coffee either and I feel so anti-social because of that sometimes. But I hate the smell of coffee and it gives me a headache too!

  4. Oh man, I just well and truly went to the dark side with my bulletproof coffee this morning. When you have coffee whipped with coconut oil, butter and cream you've reached peak coffee wanker, I'm sure. But it was so nice!

  5. I used low caffeine or decaffeinated tea for years . Slipping into bad habits now.
    I don't notice a difference- you could try no -dooze which is just caffeine without any sugar and junk.

  6. You don't need coffee for energy. It improves alertness by boosting cortisol, that's true, but you can do that without caffeine. I only drink espresso now in the morning and then have a protein or piece of fruit when the afternoon slump strikes. I also drink more water then. I think I've read that you're a fibro sufferer (me too), so do you know when your "window of wellness" closes down? This is from Sue Ingebreson's book "Fibrowhyalgia". Can you have an afternoon nap? Or just have 20 mins of downtime to recharge? Coffee at this time of the day will give you the boost, but may stuff up your sleep. It's a vicious cycle.

  7. I can't survive without caffeine! But I rarely do coffee. Have you thought about a tea with caffeine? Or likeep Maja said an afternoon nap? :)


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