Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 2656 - Coerver Performance Camp 2017

Soccer Mum Alert

I've had my soccer mum hat on over the last few days (well, I actually had on an Aruba Ritz Carlton cap, but let's not split hairs) as our boy attended the Coerver Performance camp for 2017.

Our boy attends the camp as part of his normal Coerver Academy program, but there are also kids outside of the Academy who only attend these four days in January.  Including children from as far away as New Zealand, the Northern Territory, regional NSW and Sydney.

To quote the website:

The Performance Academy is Coerver's Premier Grassroots Player Development Program for boys and girls, 7-17 yeas of age, and offers an unrivaled level of support, both on and off the training field. 

Our boy attended this camp last year which is how he was selected for the Singapore tour.

This weekend had a different feel for us because it was a chance to catch up with the new friends he'd made on the 2016 tour.

He'll await with much anticipation as they create their lists for this year's tour of Japan.  Whether Japan eventuates is neither here nor there.  What this weekend did for our boy was rejuvenate his love for his sport and a feeling of positive forward movement.

For more information on the Coerver Academy and their annual Performance Camp click here.

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