Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day 2658 - The day I got high on coffee

Well that was an Adrenalin rush!

A few days ago I talked about the fact that I don't drink coffee and I pondered if perhaps this put me behind the eight ball when it comes to energy and focus.

Yesterday as we arrived in Sydney and I made my usual toilet stop at McDonalds (damn over sensitive bladder) my son asked for an iced chocolate.  I obliged and suddenly had this totally random thought to get myself an iced coffee as well.

Wait, what?

Four and a half minutes later I was walking out the door sipping what was possibly the most bitter thing I had tasted in over 20 years.

Fast forward seven minutes and the effects were already evident.

I was high.

As I drove into the city singing at the top of my lungs and then talking rapidly about all the random theories in my brain, my kids just stared at me in shock.

My driving became jerky as I became hyper aware of the other vehicles around me. My eyes were darting this way and that way and I was completely 100% convinced I was the queen of everything.

Over the next half hour I came up with 101 new business ideas and changed the entire course of action for the next year.  Thank goodness my laptop was dead and my notebook was securely packed in the bottom of my suitcase so that I couldn't document my new strategy nor send the emails off to get it all started.

Having my first coffee in over 20 years presented the following "symptoms":

  • A rapid heartbeat
  • Lightheadedness
  • A weird tingling "rush" in my arms and legs
  • Hyper alertness 
  • Dilated pupils (actually I have no evidence of this but I felt like my eyes were open really wide)
  • Incomprehensible babbling
  • Quick thought processes
If you Google these symptoms, the search brings up everything from heart attack to panic attack to Meniere's Disease and even alien abduction.

I go with alien abduction.

Are you kidding me? Is this what coffee does to people on a daily basis?

No wonder you're all running around in glee looking for this closest coffee shop.  This would have to be the cheapest most easily accessible drug available.  

Which got me to thinking, is there a study on the impacts of caffeine addiction? 

"Caffeine is the most commonly used mood-altering drug in the world."

They go on to say that:

"Caffeine use can be associated with several distinct psychiatric syndromes: caffeine intoxication, caffeine withdrawal, caffeine dependence, caffeine-induced sleep disorder, and caffeine-induced anxiety disorder." 

Did you hear that?  They call these things PSYCHIATRIC SYNDROMES! 

I definitely had a psychiatric syndrome yesterday. I was as high as a kite and the scary thing is, other than the horrid taste, I loved every minute of it.

Have you ever had a caffeine induced high?

Perhaps a caffeine induced psychiatric syndrome?

Maybe you've been abducted by aliens?

Spill the beans .... (very bad pun TOTALLY intended).



  1. I think you become immune to its effects after awhile. Although I do admit, I sleep a little better when I'm not partaking. All those side effects sound like me after taking my new meds.

  2. Coffee is my love every morning. I have stopped drinking any after 2 or 3pm.

  3. I'm not a coffee drinker either, and I don't use sugar. If I had a Maccas iced coffee, I'd probably be off my head too! Would be an interesting experiment though ;)

  4. I am so happy to hear it has this affect on you, and that I am not the only one! I rarely drink coffee for this reason. The taste is bitter and those side effects on one who is naturally hyper is just not a good look! (I do like the odd Turkish coffee though. Never one to take things in halves!)

  5. I love(d) coffee - double shot flat white - on a daily basis. Only one. I know I needed it to get some energy..feel good..whatever it was, for me it lifted my mood. I have not had one of those for 2 years or more as since my sensitive gut and IBS re-entered my life coffee is too much for it. Funnily enough I do not miss it. What you got yesterday in a Maccas one was more than coffee, it was sugar as well and dairy too. Your body told you in a most unusual way "no more thank you!" Gosh that must have been one to remember..and a good blog post! Denyse #teamIBOT

  6. I read a wonderful historical fiction book about the origins of coffee. It was first used in Europe by traders and other businessmen who wanted to stay awake longer in order to do more business! It was basically a productivity drug :-)

  7. Wow I haven't had a high like that from coffee! I have an espresso when I wake up and then 1 more coffee during the day so a max of 2 a day. Although since becoming pregnant I'm finding I don't finish my second coffee I have gone off it a bit :)

  8. I can't say coffee perks me up anymore, but it sure does taste good!

  9. Bwahahahaha, oh dear! Next time, try a half shot latte or something. Those iced coffees are strong and awful!

  10. That's so funny. I had over 2 litres of vanilla diet coke in several hours recently and really just struggled with a gnawingly hungry stomach and a bit of a headache!

  11. Whoa that is intense. I've never had a full cup of coffee. I've never even had half. I hate to think how cray cray I would be after one.

  12. That was a pretty intense reaction to something you drank!! I don't like coffee - I'm a tea drinker. No cup of tea has ever done that to me though! Given how I react to pseudoephedrine I can only imagine what caffeine would do!

  13. That's hardcore! I drink at least one cup of coffee every day and that has never happened to me! Perhaps I've just become immune to it's effects?!

  14. I don't drink coffee. I've tried it a few different ways over the years and I just can't do it. I do drink Coke though and caffeine doesn't seem to have a huge impact on me.


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