Thursday, January 26, 2017

Day 2660 - The Lovin Life Linky - The "What I love about Australia" edition

Happy Australia day!

There are a gazillion things to love about this big brown land of ours. But I'm going to focus on the one thing I'm loving about Australia right now (and it's not brown ... it's blue).

The coastline.

Every little junket I take, I seem to end up with a view of the ocean.  Not a bad feat for someone that doesn't live on the coast.

Yesterday I shared some Sydney photos for my Wordless Wednesday. Apart from the one food photo, the rest all had the sea in the background.

Let's also look at my Instagram feed for Monday which has a different batch of pics:

Water, water everywhere ...
I rest my case.

I guess my travel compass points to the east coast.

I'm sure there are lots of wonderful things to see if we were to head west through the paddocks and plains towards inner Oz. The views would be endless. But for right now it's the "blue meets blue" horizon that keeps drawing me to the edge.

As I type, my family pack their bags to snatch a few more days by the ocean before school starts back next week.  Very shortly our car will get on the well worn path to the NSW South Coast.

It's the endless shoreline that I adore about this country of ours. Long stretches of sand combined with neat little coves that create the squiggly shape so easily recognised as Australia.

The clifftop walk from Surf Beach to Denham's Beach
Our Australia Day sums up what I'm lovin' about life right now - sun, surf, sand and endless shades of blue.

What do you love about Australia?

How will you be spending your Australia day?

Anybody else's travel compass stuck on one direction?

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  1. We are so very fortunate to live in the LUCKY COUNTRY! Our landscape is ever-changing and stunningly beautiful. You'd know from my pics that I love the coastline too. I grew up inland and have always been drawn to the ocean. I'm off for a walk along the coast with a friend shortly (bit late today - had a little sleep in) and then we are having a bbq lunch with friends. Happy Australia Day to you Leanne :)

  2. The coast is one of Australia's treasures for sure- and I think I've see a fair whack of it!

  3. I love living by the beach - I don't think I could move into generic suburbia again!

  4. Something so peaceful and calming about being near water! Happy Australia day and have a great few days off.

  5. We are so lucky and blessed to call Australia home!

    SSG xxx

  6. We are so lucky to live in a country with so much lovely coastline!

  7. I love the coastlines of Australia too! I really love that we are a country unto ourselves with no bordering countries as others have - eg USA, UK, Europe etc. I hope to spend today resting and taking it easy after a busy week so far. Also - no cooking for me today as it's our 32nd wedding anniversary today also! :-)

  8. My Australia Day will be spent packing up our house and getting ready for our first open home on Saturday. My compass is pointed north - to the coast. I remember those trips down the Kings Highway to Mollymook/Ulladulla, but in Sydney we rarely visit the beach. All of that will change on the Sunny Coast!

  9. The beach is so pretty but I'm worried about it being absolutely packed today. I'm taking Mr M on his first hike in Australia today. We're going to Mermaid Pools in Tahmoor. Here's hoping we don't get lost!

  10. We've done heaps of overseas travel, but in the last 10 years or so I have so enjoyed exploring my own country. I think I particularly love visiting country and more remote areas, and marvelling at the hardiness of our pioneering ancestors, particularly the women, who had to get by in such difficult conditions. I think their spirit lives on in all of who have been here for several generations.

  11. I'm not sure if I've asked before, if you own a place up at the coast or rent something when you go? I know when I lived in Canberra a few people I knew had holiday places on the coast.

    It sounds lovely. Have a great day. I'm happy to be vegeing at my mum's!

  12. It's always the water which attracts me too. I was born on the coast, in Wollongong and lived there till I was 10. Learned to surf and swim at North Wollongong. Dad's move to Sydney thanks to his work, landed us in the wonderful newly developed (then) suburb of Balgowlah Heights which has Sydney harbour as its boundaries. We did not have a water view but Forty Baskets Beach was three streets away and as kids we could go there by ourselves to swim. I also went to North Steyne and the beaches on the northern beaches all the time as a teen. THEN I moved to the NSW country to teach. I stayed there, land locked and married, until we moved back to Sydney but could not afford to live coast -side so it was only to the beach for holidays. Now, retired, we are both loving being back near the blue (or green or grey depending on the weather) of the water on the Central Coast. Happy Australia Day! Denyse

    1. How interesting. We started out in Bathurst (me) and Lithgow (hubby) where he remained till his move to Sydney where he eventually met me. I had Merimbula, the Central Coast, Maitland before hooking up with hubby in Sydney then relocating to Wollongong (marrying on Austinmer Beach), then Salamander Bay and finally ending up in Perth. 23 moves for me in total. Apart from Bathurst my place of birth, and a brief stint in Maitland, we've always lived the near beach.

  13. There is so much to love about this country's landscape and yes the east coast is definitely up there! I grew up and currently live west of the divide, so I also have a very strong affinity for the bush and the more remote corners of the country. Any time I've traveled OS, as much as I love to explore, I just can't help but marvel at how good we have it here at home. So diverse. So beautiful. Happy Australia Day Leanne. x

  14. Happy Australia Day. We are having a quiet one. Hubby arrived home from sea unexpectedly due to a cyclone brewing. Our three girls are all working, looking forward to public holiday rates. It's a far cry from what we were getting up to last year. On Malcolm Day's (Adult Shop founder) penthouse balcony overlooking the Swan River (& fireworks) with free flowing everything.

  15. I love the colour blue and I love looking at the sea although not actually being in it! Yes, Australia's coastline is fantastic, and so much diversity :) Enjoy your last few days break away! #TeamLovinLife

  16. I've been spending the day WORKING! So much to catch up on after my Christmas break, but now I feel like I'm on top of things again. The joys of having my own business ;-) . I love the water, there is just something about a water/sea view, brings serenity to my soul.

  17. Nothing special here for Australia Day but I do share your love of the blue coastline. I'm lucky I live within 20 mins of the coast, although I don't visit it as much as I should. Happy Australia Day!

  18. That's one thing we don't have here in Colorado!! And really, the only thing some people complain about. Because if you love the water, you really love the water! Me? I'm an indoor girl, so I can take it or leave it!!

  19. Yes this is precisely what I'm lovin' about life at the moment. We are currently holidaying on a gorgeous ocean estuary right near the beach at Pottsville in far north NSW and I'm in heaven!

  20. I agree, the coastline is beautiful! I definitely need to visit the beach more often this year!


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