Saturday, January 28, 2017

Day 2662 - Our favourite dog beach in the Eurobodalla Shire

Are your dogs beach dogs?

We'll drive up and down the coast looking for the perfect beach some days.  Our decision will be based on the waves, the crowds and whether or not it's patrolled.

Then there are other days where the decision is simple.  We choose a dog beach so the pooches can come along.

Our absolute favourite dog beach on the NSW South Coast is Tomaga River Beach at Tomakin.  It's a 24 hour off leash area where dogs and humans can all swim and play together.

While this is not a patrolled beach, we have always felt comfortable swimming there as a family.

You have the sea on the left and the river to the right which stretches past the sand bars to the ocean
We find the best time to go is at low tide where you can walk up to the south end where the river meets the sea and walk out on the sand bars. The kids will often jump into the river at the far end of the beach and float past the sandbars on blow up tubes, then walk across the sand to do it all again.

This beach can get very windy, so when the wind is up you're best to head to the north end of the beach where it is better sheltered.

Wherever you go on Tomaga Beach the doggies are welcome.

For a full list of dog beaches in the Eurobodalla shire, click here.

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