Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 2663 - The number one reason you should eat full fat yoghurt!

Full fat will put a smile on your dial.

I was flicking through Australian Women's Health Magazine (January 2017) and found this interesting tit bit:

"Women who regularly eat full-fat yoghurt are less likely to be diagnosed with depression." 
Source: The Journal of Nutrition

So stop skimping and just go with the full fat stuff.  You know you want to!

(Unless of course it's your dairy intolerance or that full-fat hail damage in your butt that's making you depressed, then we'll need to throw this theory out the window ...)

1 comment :

  1. When I learnt that most low fat options mean it's full of sugar instead, I now go with the full fat version - cheese, yogurt, you name it I'm there!


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