Monday, January 30, 2017

Day 2664 -It's time to wake up and be totally amazing

Who's ready to get back into their normal routine?

As a girl who loves lists, I'm also a girl who loves routine.

Until the school holidays hit and then I look forward to having an excuse to go freestyle and being complete list free.

For the past six weeks I've been going with the flow.  Wandering here and there; eating this and that; dabbling in the odd bit of work when I can find a an hour or two to sit at my desk.  For the most part the diary has remained closed and the notebook blank.  I've fully immersed myself in school holiday mode with the kids and enjoyed every minute of it.

It has worked for a while but the reality is, I don't get great results from floating around like a feather in the breeze.  It's all too ad hoc and disorganised and a tad "average".  

School goes back this week and I'm looking forward to getting some structure back in the house. Structure that includes work, school, health, fitness, projects, planning and basically getting results.

It's time to start writing those to-do lists and get back to some heavy scheduling.

Thank you school holidays, it's been lovely, but I'm ready to ditch the freestyle, ditch the average and get back into a good old fashioned heavily diarised routine.

It's time to fill my notebook and get back to being amazing.

Did you ditch the routine over January?

How long were you going freestyle?

Are you ready to get some order back in your life?


  1. I worked through, so didn't really break from routine. I'm at the point where I need a complete break from it- with nothing plans & no obligations... even if it's just for a day or so.

  2. I'm a list girl too Leanne but I also like to mix things up when life becomes a little boring. Having a routine can bring comfort and help us stay focused however a break from routine adds to the spice of life. Enjoy your week. Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond.

  3. Lists are stellar, although right now I'd like to roll over and go back to sleep for another week if that's OK ;)

  4. I take the full 6 weeks off - I don't even blog (except a few), Did great things, had fun and now it's all boring and constant activities and pressure...I go into quite a funk at the prospect of making school lunches...

  5. I was fifty fifty on and off routines over the holiday break. Work has pulled me back to reality pretty quickly. Didn't feel as painful as I feared it would because the longest gaps off routine were days at a time rather than weeks.

    SSG xxx

  6. You sound so much like me! I am so glad to be back in a routine, I feel more productive and focused. Eva - TMW & Knotlace :)

  7. I'm still unsure if my lack of routine has been good or bad! In some ways I want it back and other ways I don't.

  8. I need a list, but except when we had things on - and there were still responsibilities and things to do - we let the routine go as much as possible over the holidays. I take time to be present with the kids and hang out with them, and we catch up with family and friends. But now it's back to school, and we need that routine and that all important list and diaries to keep us on track!

  9. I like a balance of things to feel Ok but I can see why abandoning everything for a while when you are so heavily scheduled is what you need to do. Looking like you are right back there now and I wish you a happy 2017 back to routine.

  10. Thank you for linking up for Life This Week 5/52. Next week's prompt is "How Much Money is Enough".

  11. I definitely ditched routine over January - and LOVED it! No school kids on holidays as an excuse either. I just had time off work and did very little. Back to work in the next few days and now I've had a taste of retirement, I think I could be really good at it :)

  12. While I certainly had time offline, I didn't really have much time off. We had a few days over Christmas and New Year with hubby home briefly from sea but other than that I've been packing in a lot of my to do list for the first half of the year.

    My girls are so easy, always have been, so they don't really get underfoot during the school holidays (unless I want them to) with me working from home. I do feel a little guilty that we didn't do more in the school holidays, like have an actual holiday but I also really think having downtime and holidaying in our own back yard, isn't so bad.


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