Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Day 2665 - How to clean your freezer when it's full of rotting meat

Today's post is brought to you by the letter F.

Need a chest freezer?  You can get this one from the Good Guys.

We have a Feral Freezer.

One of us managed to accidentally turn off the chest Freezer before we went to the coast last Wednesday.


Our Freezer is located in the laundry where the power points are half way up the wall in plain sight next to the power points to the washing machine, dryer and iron.  That's the First mistake.  It makes it too easy to accidentally turn it off.  Mind you I have taped the power point over with masking tape and put a big label on the plug saying "DO NOT TURN OFF - FREEZER" but it seems people still ignore my warnings and head straight for the switch.  Time to get a better system.

We returned from the coast on Sunday but it took until yesterday morning to notice there was a problem.

I was home alone doing the washing and noticed that the iron was turned on and the Freezer was turned off.  That right there is enough to give a person the F*&!ity F*&!its. I figured the hubster had done it while ironing his shirt that morning so I switched it back on and opened the lid of the Freezer to see how much it had defrosted and ....

Call the Feds!


Smelt like death.

I honestly thought I was going to find a human body.

Rotting meat raced up my nostrils and planted itself there for the rest of the day. You know those dead kangaroos you drive past? They've got nothing on what was happening in my laundry yesterday morning.

Needless to say I slammed down the lid, locked the laundry door and ditched the washing.  I then lit a scented candle outside the laundry in what may have looked like a vigil to the animals who had lost their lives.

So now we're in the process of having to dispose of around 20kg of meat in 38 degree heat.

It's enough to turn this girl veggo.

Here's what I'll be doing to clean out my rotten freezer:

  1. Turn the freezer back on and leave it for a day or two to refreeze all the meat.  It reduces the smell and makes the meat easier to deal with. There's no way I'll be handling squishy rotting animal flesh. 
  2. Empty the frozen meat into bins on garbage collection day.
  3. Once it's empty turn it back off and mop up any excess water.
  4. If the smell is still incredibly bad I'll be putting some Vicks under my nostrils so I can minimise the gagging
  5. Wash the inside of the freezer with soap and water.
  6. Wash the inside of the freezer with vinegar
  7. Wash the inside of the freezer with vanilla
  8. Place a few boxes of open bicarbonate of soda into the freezer to absorb any remaining odours.
  9. Wash the inside of the freezer with hospital grade bleach.
  10. If it still smells, throw it away and buy a new one.
I tell you what I won't be doing.  

I won't be eating steak. 

Tell me, have you ever had a Feral Freezer?

Has your house smelt like death?

Any tips on how to deal with it?


  1. I was in hospital about to give birth to our 10 week premmie, for one of our moves. I'd already packed most of the house up. Hubby had to just empty the fridge/freezer, wipe it out and wait for the removalists and pack up the essentials. Our stuff was going into storage for six-ish weeks, while hubby and our two youngest (1 & 2) moved in with my family, closer to the hospital (3 hours away). Guess what I discovered on leaving hospital and moving into our new home with a premmie baby, needing a sterile condition? So I go one better (or worse) than you by adding six weeks in storage and maggots in the fridge seals into the mix.

  2. Oh it's the worst! This happened to our fridge/freezer when we were living in Perth. There was a power failure for 2 days while we were away visiting family in Melbourne over Christmas. Several days of 40 degree heat and the entire house stank of rotting food. It was awful! Try wearing some sort of gas mask if you can! Vanilla spray did the trick ultimately for us.

  3. At least you have a few days reprieve while the meat is re-freezing! Not quite the welcome home you had imagined, I am sure. Hope the freezer is back to it's former splendour and glory very soon!

  4. Oh yuck! We only bought a giant freezer a few months ago so it's still taking its time to fill properly... but I am loving it. Bulk buying, shopping, meals...I love having grab and go for lunches and lazy evenings.

  5. That same scenario has occurred for another friend. She is 'leaving' it before she cleans it out...she switched it back on. If it was me I would have put it out for the council and got a new one. i know, expensive bit I don't think they ever seem the same when the rotten stuff has taken hold. I wish you well with yours!! Denyse #teamIBOT PS yes ours was switched off once despite the plug and the tape but I think from memory we hadn't gone away so I was able to get it back on without any drama.

  6. I have a REALLY weak stomach, so I couldn't read all of this post. I hope you got through it without anyone vomiting. Ewww!!

  7. Oh crap! I don't know if I could handle that smell! I like your plan though. Good luck.


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