Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 2678 - Have you seen LA LA Land yet?

An old time, modern day, love story.

Yesterday as the model daughter did her thing in Sydney I took myself to the movies to fill in time and escape the heat.  

LA LA Land was not quite what I was expecting. But then again,  I guess I wasn't sure what to expect. 

I was thinking it would be a modern day version of an old movie created in old world style. A bit like "Down With Love" with Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. But it wasn't.  There were elements of that, but they were woven into a current day flick.

It's actually hard to fully explain LA LA Land, other than to say it's about two people who made a solid connection through their shared love of the bygone era.  

Mia is a budding actress whose inspiration comes from the Golden Age of Hollywood.  

Seb is a pianist whose passion for "real" jazz and keeping its roots alive, clouds his ability to move forward in the current day.

Through a series of events Mia and Seb get together and become each others biggest cheerleaders. They bond not just through their nostalgic approach to life, but through encouraging each other to follow their dreams.

All in all it's a love story that ends when each of their dreams come true.  

Or does it?

Without giving the ending away (OK, this might give the ending away), there is a point in the movie where they both declare that no matter where they are, or what they become, they will never stopping loving each other.  

I guess the big take home message I got from LA LA Land, is that true love doesn't have to be about being together forever.  

True love for another person can stay with you, long after you've moved on with someone else.  

Which got me to thinking about Valentine's Day tomorrow.  While some of us may raise a glass to our current partners (and if you're like me, might cut out paper hearts to put in the kids lunch boxes) it's also a good time to think about the other people in our lives who helped shape us.  People who were previously part of our love journey, but have long since moved on.

A time to sit back and reflect on the relationships, friendships and family who have helped us become who we are today.  

Just because they're not here anymore, doesn't mean we can't privately acknowledge their place in our heart.

How often do you reflect on your love journey?

Any nostalgia floating around out there? 

Have you seen LA LA Land?


  1. Not a lot of nostalgia, I'm firmly planted in the present. I liked La La Land but I grew up watching all those movies that they imitate (mention/replicate - what's the word?) so it was lovely watching the poses and recognising them, or the scenes for other films.

  2. I tend not to dwell on romantic ghosts - not that there have been many- but remember with fondness those love affairs that we're for a reason & could never be anything else.

  3. Definitely want to see La La Land. Not a romance nostalgic. Like Jo, I believe the past is the past for a reason. Fondness is the right word for me too rather than a 'what if' or 'if only' feeling when I look back.

    SSG xxx

  4. Sounds like a great movie. I keep saying that I'm going to see it in the cinema, but since I haven't actually gotten there in months, I doubt it'll happen.
    I never usually put much emphasis on Valentine's Day when I'm in a relationship. Maybe I should start that now. On the one hand it seems really commercial and strange to me, and on the other, I think it's nice to make sure your partner, family and friends know that you love them.

  5. I've not seen La La Land and really don't know much about it either. People seem to either love it or hate it.

    I try not to ponder too much on romance as I've never been in love (I don't think). I've had a few crushes but can't even really say I've been 'in a relationship' with anyone since I was about 16!

  6. I started watching LaLaLand but couldn't get into it for some reason. I think that as I age I'm looking at Valentine's Day as a day for love in all it's forms - partner, children, parents and friends and most importantly love of ourselves. We can all do with more love in the world.

  7. This is on my list to watch, hopefully when we get to the Big Smoke next week.
    I think love is something that grows and changes over time, less excitement, more contentment with the odd ripple and challenge to spice things up.
    We have house guests at the moment so it is going to be strange to have Valentine's Day with others around.

  8. I appreciate romances for what they are at that point in time but I can't say I look back fondly or get nostalgic over them. I've heard good things about this movie from lots of people and not just yourself, I might have to try watch it when it makes it to Netflix.

  9. Romance...mmm. I have some special memories of movies and love stories but I wasn't that much into soppiness myself. I tend to like a 'happy ending' though. The movie has polarised people I notice. You must get so tired with this driving back and forth. I know you are an ACE mum and wouldn't want it any other way. Hope the day was wonderful for your DD. Denyse xx Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 7/52. Next week's prompt is "A Pet Story".

  10. La La Land snippets I've seen leave me cold, so I don't think I'll be heading off to see it any time soon. And I'm not sure about the place in my life for old loves - I think they're better left in the past (I certainly feel that way about my husband's old flames!)

  11. I catastophise easily so I don't really reflect on my relationship in a positive way and sadly think about all that is or could go wrong. Haven't watched La La Land because it didn't appeal to me --- not really into musicals


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