Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Day 2679 - Let me tell you about Pantene Pro V Sheer Volume Shampoo

Do you ever look in the mirror and see Gollum?

I have fine hair.  Luckily for me I have enough of it.  But having fine hair means it can easily go limp and, if I don't use the effective products, my inner Gollum starts to emerge.

Well, maybe not an actual Gollum replica, but it certainly feels that way some days.

It's no secret that I like using Pantene shampoos*.  I like them because when I use Pantene I feel less like Gollum.  Pantene seems to really suit my hair.

When the PR peeps recently sent me the new Pantene Pro V Sheer Volume shampoo and conditioner, and their "3 minute miracle" conditioner, my eyes lit up and I did a happy dance. That haul went straight to Instagram.

You can see the Sheer Volume peeking out at the sides - clearly I got distracted by shiny things the day I posted this one to Instagram.

That was three months ago and it's taken until now for me to blog about it.  Why?  Well it's because I really wanted to test it.  Plus I had a whole bunch of asterisks to think about (*see below).

Let's put the "3 Minute Miracle" aside for now and concentrate on the Sheer Volume shampoo and conditioner.

I like it.

I really really like it.

I have tested it and retested it and tested it again.  I even put it to the side and went back to using an alternative brand, then returned to Pantene Pro V Sheer Volume to see if there really was a difference.

There was a difference.

My hair didn't magically become ridiculously thick and lush and huge with no need for styling.  I still had to put in a fair amount of effort on hair wash day.  But there was a difference.

What it did for me was carry on to day two.

I wash my hair every second day.  Day one is always worn down with the top layer of my hair curled with the curling iron to add dimension, style and volume.

Day two is usually worn piled on top of my head in a lazy sign of defeat at the fact my hair has gone limp, frizzy and lank overnight.

Day one and day two before using Pantene Sheer Volume

Since using Pantene Sheer Volume I've been able to get a day two!

Not just any old day two, but an actual wear my hair down looking somewhat styled day two.  This is a big step for the Gollum's of the world.

Using Pantene Sheer Volume, day one versus day two

Day one has me looking quite "volumized" with a pretty decent head of hair.  Day two, while not as "big" as day one, is still full enough to wear out again.

All in all, I'm impressed.

I do believe Pantene Sheer Volume adds more volume to my hair.  Volume that carries through to day two.

Do you have fine hair?

What do you do to add volume?

Any other Gollum's out there?  

*Note: My love for Pantene has turned into a more somber "like" due to environmental issues and awareness for our planet.  Unfortunately Pantene does not score well on the ethical guide in relation to palm oil.  While it hasn't scored an "F" it does only rate as a "D" suggesting more criticism than praise.  I am doing my worldly duty and writing to them about my disappointment in this regard and asking for their thoughts. For now I am still using their products because ... well ... "Gollum".  But rest assured I'm taking my communication with them seriously. 

Just another heads up - in case you're wondering, I do not ask for payment for my product reviews but I do get sent products to trial.  If you see them on my blog it means I like them. 


  1. Good thing it's working for you. My hairdresser told me if I ever used Pantene she'd disown me! lol.

  2. I used Pantene for a while when I was younger. I have a different brand I'm happy with now but that's great that it works for your hair ��

  3. You have gorgeous hair!! It always looks fab. I'd like to add that this is one of the best blog post titles I've read in a while :)

  4. I thi k I use tresemme because I can buy it in mega bottles and not too exxy, much to the dismay of my hair dresser! There's not much better than clean hair :)

  5. Must tell hubby about this shampoo - he has fine hair! I on the other hand have thick hair and lots of it. I wash my hair only twice per week. If I wash it any more it lacks lustre. He has to wash his hair every day!

  6. I use something nature-fruit called. Not entirely sure what the name is but I know what it looks like on the shelf. I have fine hair that knots as if it was a wizard's wand flicking endless spells. I swear my hair would knot even in a sealed room. I actually can't wear my hair up for long because it hurts my head.

  7. Your hair is gorgeous. I am lucky to have very thick hair, so my issues are more around frizz. xx

  8. I have fine hair that is thick. I hate my hair! I use GHD's and fry it into smooth, straight perfection!
    I have never been able to use Pantene products because it weighs my hair down too much and makes my scalp itch like nothing else. Glad it worked for you though!

    1. I'm exactly the same with Pantene. It weighs my hair down and makes my scalp itch.

  9. Your hair looks amazing. I'm similar in having fine hair but a lot of it.

  10. What gorgeous photos of you! I love that you are talking with Pantene about their palm oil use - way to go!! #teamIBOT


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