Friday, February 17, 2017

Day 2682 - My Lovin Life Reading List for this week

Ready for a cuppa and a read?

Thursday is a big bloggy day for me with the Lovin' Life Linky.  It's usually a pretty big day from the home office perspective too as it's a day I try to score a few extra goals.

By the time Friday comes I'm bloggy exhausted and don't have a lot left to say.  Which is why I thought I might use Friday's to give a shout out about the bloggy reading I've enjoyed during the week.

So grab your cuppa and come scrolling with me.

I've read a lot of great blog posts this week, but some of my favourites from yesterday's Lovin Life Linky include:

  • The Max the Unicorn giveaway! We all love a good freebie and this one is easy to enter and is all about pampering ourselves.  If you haven't entered yet, then head on over.

  • Amy bringing awareness to the online sexual harassment that pregnant women can face in our world of social media.  As always Handbag Mafia opens my eyes to things like "pregnancy fetish" which I miss because of the blinkers I wear.   

  • The Cruise Tips and Tricks provided by well seasoned "cruiser" Janet over at Middle Aged Mama. I love Janet because we're middle aged mummy's together and she gives great aging positively advice.  I am thinking a cruise will be in my not-too-distant future. 

  • Comfortable shoes are essential in life. The older I get the more true that statement becomes. I'm not about to give up my heels just yet, but learning about Archline Flip Flops has made me want to find some shoes that make my feet say Ahhhhh (rather than Eeeek! )

  • Last week I talked about my need for space which is why I was instantly drawn into Lyndall's post about "solitude" this week.  Seize the Day Project has always got great reading, but hearing how solitude can help us age positively really spoke to me this week. 

  • Adventures are available both near and far and I loved reading about Kat's Jenolan Caves adventures during her recent trip back to Australia.  Kat is an ex-pat living in San Francisco which makes for interesting reading over at her Bright Lights of America blog.  

  • I enjoy reading Deb's book reviews over at Debbish and I also enjoy reading her author interviews.  This week I loved hearing about her books of choice and why she doesn't love romance novels.  

  • My final recommended read for this week is over at My Home Truths. Kirsty is a special needs parent and her blog is filled with stories, tips, resources and the no holds barred truth about the challenges of having children who require different approaches to life.  This week's reading centres on how she learned to find the positives in special needs parenting and encourages others to too. 

So that's what I read over my cuppa.  Now it's over to you!

Did any of these posts speak to you?

Which bloggers do you most relate to?

Any great reading on your bloggy list this week?

For more bloggy reading go to the Lovin' Life Linky and click through the links at the bottom of the post.  For even MORE bloggy reading be sure to check out the Ultimate Rabbit Hole every Saturday. 

*   *   *   *   *

Hey bloggers, have you joined the Lovin' Life Linky yet? It's not too late.  Click here to add your link.  The linky runs from 7.30am AEDT Thursdays to 7.30am AEDT Mondays.


  1. Thanks so much for including my Giveaway in your post, Leanne! It's greatly appreciated! xx

  2. Aww, thanks so much for the shout out Leanne, you're so lovely.
    sshhh, I secretly love reading because she seems to have similar thoughts/reactions as I do.

    1. I reckon she should start an online book club. She's great.

  3. Definitely want to go and read the post about solitude. Thanks for a great selection of posts!

  4. Great picks - I love the Jenolan Caves and have visited many times. I'm off to relive the memories through her blog post!

    1. I remember going as a kid, and am no itching to my own children.

  5. Totes stoked that one of my posts made your list Leanne!!!!!

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