Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day 2683 - What to eat from the midnight food van

Got the after bar munchies?

How good does this look?
It may not be the best choice for your midnight snack though.
If you're conscious about your weight then according to Women's Health Magazine Australia it's still OK to grab a midnight snack after your big night out, but it's best not to go for the hamburger with cheese.  Packing around 2050 KJ with 25g fat and 10g sugar, on an "about to go to bed" stomach, is definitely not ideal.

If you've got the munchies then try a chicken shish kebab instead (chicken wrapped in a low GI pita bread).  It's got around 1536 KJ with only 3g of fat and about 1g of sugar.  Ditch the creamy sauce and go for a chili sauce instead. The bonus is that chili speeds up the metabolism which means your body will process it quicker, which is better if you're heading straight to bed.

Happy Saturday! 

Are you heading out tonight?

Do you get the midnight I-need-a-food-van-now munchies? 

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