Thursday, February 23, 2017

Day 2688 - The Lovin' Life Linky - The "focus on fitness" edition

How focussed are you on your health and fitness?

Let's focus on FOCUS
I've talked a lot about FOCUS on my blog.  FOCUS was my word for the year back in 2012. It served me well.

The truth is that FOCUS always serves me well.  When I FOCUS, I achieve amazing results.

Right now, with the word typed in capitals, I'm forcing you to FOCUS on it. You have no choice.  FOCUS is now becoming seared into your brain.

One of the things I've been proud of in the last 7 years is my FOCUS on my health.  I write about health tips, super foods, mindset and natural remedies a lot.  I may not always adhere to them, but they are still firmly implanted in my mind as something important if we want to age positively. But when was the last time I chatted about my fitness?

Until this week my fitness has well and truly gone by the wayside.  But then something magic happened.  I started to FOCUS on the need to exercise and "abracadabra!" my energy was back.  I had renewed drive and a need to achieve results.

FOCUS will do that to you.  The moment we start thinking about it, planning it, setting goals, talking about it, declaring it to the world and taking the first step in actually doing it, our attention shifts and our FOCUS helps us create results.

So this week I'm lovin' that I'm back to FOCUSing on my physical fitness and the part that plays in my overall wellness and ageing positively.

In order to help me retain my fitness FOCUS I'll be blogging about my health and fitness strategies every Wednesday in a new series I'll be calling "Wellness Wednesday" (thanks for the title Lyndall).

It'll be a combination of exercise tips and tricks, my personal fitness progress, challenges, healthy food ideas and may even include the odd workout (which would then transform it into "Workout Wednesday" - thanks for that title Jan).

Now, I have to tell you, I'm not a personal trainer.  Not even close! I won't be running marathons, nor pulling trucks, nor running up hills nor doing 100 push-ups in a single session.  My fitness goals are of a general level of fitness that won't aggravate my fibromyalgia body nor cause my "slightly fatigued" title to turn into the extremely fatigued kind.

Who would like to join me?

Anyone else out there looking to FOCUS on being fit and fabulous and only slightly fatigued?

For anyone who'd like to get some more targeted inspiration and have a place to chat about their own health and fitness, I've created a Facebook Group called "Fit and Fabulous Wednesday Wellness" as a space to share our health and fitness journeys.

If you'd like to get some FOCUS then search for the group on Facebook and come join in the fit and fabulous fun! Perhaps you've already got focus and you'd like to share your tips with others.  Either way, it will be a safe space where people can get back into fitness gently.

How focussed are you on your health and fitness?

What have you been focussing on this week?

What are you lovin' about life?

*   *   *   *   *

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  1. I need renewed focus. I've gone from daily walking to doing zero, zip, nothing since finishing Milford Track. Everything is softer and fatter & my energy & creativity has suffered as a result. I'll join you with a Wellness Wednesday post each week.

  2. I'm trying to focus on fitness because I'm (a) getting fat cos my metabolism changed last year (with age, how depressing) and (b) so I'm fitter and all those things that come with it...

  3. Oops. Fell off the wagon over the weekend... but I loved it and wrote about it for Lovin' Life this week.

    Definitely need some moral support to stay focussed this year.

    We've got this, team!

    SSG xxx

  4. Oh yes... I've been struggling on the exercise front of late and when that's the case I get all sorts of obsessive ideas - like I need to go to boot camp or something. Even though I'd hate that. The sane part of me realises I just need to do some sustainable and regular exercise that isn't a chore and becomes a habit.

  5. I definitely need a little FOCUS at the moment. I'm about to embark into full-time retirement as I'm giving up my part-time job to FOCUS on my own freelance writing. In order to do this I need to keep my body moving and exercising regularly. I need to feel great, vibrant, alive and full of energy for this new chapter of my life. :)

  6. I'm focused on health at the moment, too. A little walking and a LCHF eating plan. I'm getting there!

  7. Just requested to join your Facebook group! Sounds like just what I need!


  8. Good plan. MY focus right now is on reducing anxiety and its effect on my body along with IBS diarrhoea which is keeping me housebound...and pretty despondent. I did get up and go for a short walk today and did a bit of gardening. But right now, mental health needs my attention and doing what I can there.

  9. Go for it Leanne! Personally I am really enjoying the 50 things I list I came up with for my #festivalof50, it's really helped me to FOCUS on doing lots of stuff - including fitness, as I have started aqua aerobics - instead of just drifting through the year.

  10. I agree about FOCUS. Once you're into it everything feels Wonderful - it's just getting into the zone that's hard. Will be following along your fitness campaign :) as I need to focus on doing a bit more than I am right now ;) #teamlovinlife

  11. I Jo great word FOCUS. I have a Facebook Group #couchpotatotofabfit and we are the Fab Fitters. Would love you to join if you want a supportive group. Have a fit and fabulous week!

  12. I sure do need to re-FOCUS on my health and fitness!! There's been a few things happen since December last year that have taken my focus off myself. Time to get back on track! I would love to join your group, but will wait until I get myself sorted a bit first - so that I actually have something positive to report each week! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  13. After the last couple of months with an injury I certainly need to focus on becoming fit and fabulous and only slightly fatigued! So your post is very well times. I'm off to join up to your facebook page. Enjoy the rest of your week. I'm joining you over at the Lifesyle Fifty linkup.

  14. It's funny how what you FOCUS on suddenly starts happening in your life! I'm pretty focused on my health and fitness, but it does take some effort :) #TeamLovinLife

  15. I have never discovered how to love exercise - it just seems to get harder as I get older. I've settled on a morning walk as my regular focus and then any extra bits are a bonus. I would love to see those pesky kilos that crept on, just fall off but it's not looking hopeful at this stage :(

  16. I always ask why it's so hard to get in the habit of working out, yet so easy to get out of the habit? My husband & I used to walk on a regular basis, but it is much harder in the darker months!! Hopefully once it stays lighter after he's home from work, we can make it a priority again!

  17. My focus varies, depending on the season, and how " busy" I am! I've started getting up at 5.30 to go for walk now that the weather is a little bit cooler!

  18. I'd been committed to walking 5 km a few times a week for my own fitness. I didn't get there this week, due to illness, but I'm determined to get back into it again next week!


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