Monday, February 27, 2017

Day 2692 - Taking stock

So, what's been happening in your world?

There comes a point where we've just got to sit back and take stock in life.  To look at where we're at, not from an achievements point of view, but from a "gazing at our naval" angle.

The following "taking stock" template is borrowed from Pip from Meet Me at Mike's.  Pip runs eCourses on blogging and how to take stock.

Taking stock: 

Making : Menus for a healthier eating plan

Cooking : Sheet pan vegetables done in olive oil and rosemary

Drinking :Water and green tea (and perhaps a bit too much champagne)

Reading: Cheer Kids Magazine as I prepare to write the next issue.

Trawling: The Foxtel "on demand" menu to find something easy to watch

Wanting: One of my projects to take off and earn me a decent wage

Looking: At my thighs and wondering where mine went and whose thighs I'm wearing now

Deciding: If I should wash my hair today or wait until tomorrow so it's fresh for Sydney

Wishing: I could work on my projects simply because I love them, without the nagging of financial pressures.

Enjoying: Walking every morning with my kids as they take it in turns to accompany me.

Waiting: For my next book to finish its print run so I can release it to the world. 

Liking: The warm weather (not too hot, not too cold, it's just right)

Wondering: If my original thighs will ever return or if it's all too late. 

Loving: Binge watching the Pan Am DVD series my husband bought second hand.  

Pondering: About life, the universe and everything. 

Listening: To the absolute silence that 5.00am brings. 

Considering: What to put on my to-do list today. 

Buying: Groceries and perhaps a basket to sit at the end of the hall for the kids dirty washing. 

Watching: The dogs who keep checking to see if I'm about to put my sneakers on. 

Hoping: I can stick to my health and fitness goals for this week. 

Marvelling: At the fact that it's almost the end of February and that summer is about to end. 

Cringing: At the dust that continues to pile on every surface no matter how many times I do the dusting. 

Needing: To visit the bathroom as the pains in my stomach increase. 

Questioning: Why I had to share the previous point with you. 

Smelling: The dawn - that moistness in the air at the break of a new day. 

Wearing: Active wear.

Noticing: The sound of my hard drive whirring and the clicking of my acrylic nails on the keyboard. 

Knowing: That if I don't visit the toilet soon I'll get half way around the lake and end up in strife 

Thinking: About the new volunteer role I took on board and all the work associated with it. 

Admiring: My friend Bel who is currently in Texas with a team of cheerleaders at the National Championships over there. 

Getting: Fed up with people who get easily fed up. 

Bookmarking: Tasty clean green vegetable recipes 

Disliking: This headache that seems to be creeping up on me. 

Opening: More tabs on my computer as I check the things I need to check to get my to-do list started. 

Closing: Facebook because it's way too distracting. 

Feeling: Like I really must finish this up so I can go to the toilet. 

Hearing: The rustle of a dogs collar as they wait patiently for those sneakers to make an appearance. 

Celebrating: That my daughter has a trip to Sydney tomorrow to be pitched for some global designers. 

Pretending: That life is good even though the grown up step daughter starts radiation soon for yet another sarcoma. 

Embracing: The fact that it's Monday and I'm about to get the house to myself as the family heads to work and school. 

When was the last time you took stock?

Why not try Pip's Taking Stock formula to help you ponder on what's happening in your world right now, in this moment of time.  

Happy Monday! 

The idea for this post was prompted by Denyse Whelan.


  1. You had me nodding at the toileting comments. Man, there's nothing worse than being halfway through your walk when...

  2. 5 am??? I'm struggling with 6am!! And I too am trying to limit FB - I'm wasting too much time on it and frankly, getting a little bored with it to boot!

  3. So many open tabs on my computer too!

    SSG xxx

  4. Always wait for tomorrow to wash your hair. I did mine on Saturday night - what a waste!
    I sit here typing on a window that has 17 tabs open. And there's another window open behind it that I dare not count up. It's an affliction.

  5. Loved reading your comments and I'm sure you will stick to your health goals! Have a great week! Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond.

  6. Ha! Laughed at some of those... esp the toilet comment. And you've reminded me I want to wash my hair before a meeting this morning and I'm running out of time.

    And yes... I need to be a bit more organised on the food and exercise front!

  7. You're right, Facebook is too damn distracting! Good luck with all your projects x

  8. So sorry to hear about your step daughter Leanne. Cancer truly does suck and there's no pretending that life is good when that's hanging over your head x

  9. I love these taking stock posts Leanne - they give a little sneak preview of other bloggers' lives and I always enjoy that - thanks for sharing yours.

  10. I agree about FB being too distracting and time consuming. I have cut back a lot as I just can't juggle it all some days and I figure that I can't be missing all that much!

  11. Don't you just love 5 a.m.? I love the stillness and silence and now that the sun rises later, it's also dark outside. Feels nice knowing you are the only one awake {sort of!}


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