Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Day 2693 - What cocktail should I drink if I'm dieting?

Mimosa anyone?

It's no secret that I'm a lover of cocktails.  I'm also a lover of champagne.  Neither are that great if you're striving for optimum health and fitness.  Unless ...

Apparently a strawberry daiquiri has 1360 KJ, 36g of sugar and has an ABV of around 15% with approximately 5.3 ounces of alcohol.

Compare that to the mimosa which has 418 KJ, 11g of sugar and an ABV of around 7% and you can see that the mimosa is the healthier choice.

A bonus of the mimosa is that the flavonoids in the orange juice can suppress oxidative stress from the junk food you might start eating after you've had a few too many.

Isn't that interesting!

Another great cocktail for someone watching their weight is the vodka soda, with only 400 KJ. But there's a downside to this lovely low calorie alternative (or an upside, depending on your aim I guess). According to the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, alcohol mixed with low calorie mixers can actually get you drunk quicker because extra calories act as a buffer to help slow alcohol absorption.

So if you're conscious about your health and fitness, you don't have to ditch the cocktails completely.  There are options!

Are you a cocktail drinker?

What's your favourite cocktail?

Do you ever calorie counted your cocktails?

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  1. Mimosas as health foods- love it!

  2. After 15 years of not drinking thanks to a dodgy pancreas, I'm occasionally partaking, sometimes over indulging in a cocktail or two these days. I would prefer healthier options. I think I might go back to water with the occasional vodka and soda. Although I'm rather partial to a G & T with pink grapefruit. Where would this drink fit into the picture?

  3. Not a cocktail drinker or even a drinker of alcohol for no other reason that I get hot...and I hate being hot. I dont mind a mimosa and we used to have these at Christmas time at Mum and Dad's. Good luck in your dieting ventures..sorry to say I have been bitten far too many times by the diet word and no longer go there. However, caring for your health and wellbeing is different! Take care. Denyse #teamIBOT

  4. I don't tend to calorie count when I drink alcohol. I used to know someone who drank vodka and soda because it was fewer calories, even though she hated the taste! It was so pointless.

  5. In my mid twenties I swapped out wine and beer for vodka, lime and soda. Apparently I was also swapping out time from between 11pm-1am :P Safe to say it was a very brief trend! Unfortunately, I've found the only way to lose weight and drink alcohol is to not drink which is quite sad. But this mimosa thing sounds worth trying... what's in it??

  6. You lost me at strawberry daiquiri *mouth waters* Yum!
    Not one to count the calories in cocktails, I don't have them often so when I do I just try and enjoy them. Pina Coladas and Strawberry Daiquiris are my favs.


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