Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day 2700 - What is moderation day?

Today is Tuesday and both my kids are off school.

Here in the ACT we have this thing called "Moderation Day".  It applies to the Catholic high schools across Canberra as well as the senior schools (years 11 and 12) across the private and public system.

Moderation Day for the senior schools has been designed and implemented by the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies to ensure the compatibility, validity and quality of grades and assessment across the region.  

I'm not sure why the Catholic system has decided to do it from year 7 onward (Google isn't helping me out with that one) but I'm sure it's for similar reasons.

What it means for us is that teachers are off doing strategic teachery things, while the pupils spend the day at home.

Yep, that was a very long way of saying that today is a pupil free day for both my kids.

This doesn't bother me at all because I'm one of these mums who is already at home.  But I can imagine for the parents of younger teens it might cause some issues for working parents.

I've noticed that lots of people treat this as a bit of a yahooo day off.  Organising activities, sleep-overs, day trips, a day at the trampoline place or hanging out at the mall.

I'm one of these horrid mothers that thinks this is the perfect day to finish off assignments and get ahead with school work.

I know, I know. I suck.

Which is strange, because I'm also one of these parents who is happy to take my kids out of school for travel and life experiences, but if they're telling me it's a "moderation day" mid week so that teachers can plan, then I'm thinking that's a great time for the kids to plan too.

So anyway, today I thought I might try a more balanced approach.  Be less of a study ogre and more of a study fairy (so to speak).

This morning I'll be helping the kids finish off a major assignment each and then this afternoon we'll head off to the movies to see Hidden Figures.  (Hidden Figures seems somewhat educational, don't you think?) 

Does that sound feasible?

Tell me, do you have Moderation Day in your state?

What does Moderation Day mean to you?

Would you be a study ogre or the totally fun parent? 


  1. That sounds like a good plan for the day! We don't have moderation days in NSW but we do seem to have quite a few pupil free days. Normally they seem to be at the end of a term or at the start of a term. I always wonder if it's just to lengthen the teachers holidays by another day?!
    PS Any teachers reading this please don't get mad at me for this comment!

  2. We don't have moderation day as far as I am aware, but what a fantastic idea!

  3. As a teacher, I love the idea of moderation day but I guess parents might not love it quite so much!

  4. It sounds like your approach to moderation day is...in moderation! Sounds reasonable to get work done and then go to the movies.

  5. I loved Hidden Figures, possibly one of my favourite films in the past year and as you know I've seen more than a few. Our pupil free days here tend to fall at the start or finish of term, so you don't generally notice them.

  6. They do have pupil free days here, but they usually occur on the first day of each new term, not randomly in the middle of term, which just seems so weird to me!

  7. I have never heard of this day. I would be letting my kids do whatever they wish since they're young. That would mean gaming, reading, movies. I totally understand with the older ones though.

  8. We don't have Moderation Day in Victoria. In my school we do all our in-service/planning time at the beginning of the term. The kids have extra time off and I'm back at work. I have no idea what Mr Busy does when I'm not home. I'm hoping some holiday homework (Yr11) is getting done!

  9. Interesting title. NSW Public Schools hold 5 School development days for staff. They are assigned to be on the first week back for terms 1,2,3 and last 2 days of term 4. However, schools can apply to vary this by adding the components of staff development to a very long day at school and on weekends. They can then, once approved, finish school at the same time as the kids at the end of the year instead of having 2 more days. I champion this idea because at the end of the year around 4 days before Christmas everyone is so tired no professional activities can be worthwhile.

  10. I often read Gretchen Rubin's thoughts on being a 'moderator' vs an 'abstainer' and think I'm definitely the latter. But I wish I was a more moderate person.


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