Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day 2705 - Why are M&M's called M&M's?

Did you know ...

Did you know that M&Ms are named after their creators Mars and Murrie?

They were created in the USA in 1941 and the M's weren't stamped on them until 1950.  The two M's had a falling out and the Mars company bought out Murrie in 1949 for $1 million.

So M&Ms is really now just M!

Happy Sunday!

Who feels like chocolate? 

PS If you're wondering which came first - Smarties or M&Ms - Smarties did.  They came out in the UK in 1937, 4 years before M&Ms were created in the US. 


  1. Still prefer smarties :-) . According to family folklore, I stuffed my face with smarties as a toddler and then promptly sneezed all over my mother's WHITE top ... hahahaha!

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