Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 2707 - the Canberra Day long weekend

Did you know Canberra gets its very own public holiday?

For all you non-Canberrans out there it may pain you to know that we get more public holidays than you.

Of course, it doesn't pain us.

Well, I can't actually speak for the other 381,487 Canberrans, but it doesn't pain me. 

Canberra Day is held on the second Monday of March and it's when we celebrate Canberra's birthday. More specifically, it's when we celebrate the official naming of Canberra.

Canberra was named on 12 March 1913 by Lady Denman who was the wife of the then Governor-General.  We celebrated our 100th birthday in 2013, which was also the day my grand-niece was born putting her in the pages of the local newspaper as our centenary baby.

So that's a very long way of saying that yesterday was Canberra Day and we had the day off.

What does one do on Canberra Day?

Well, you can jump ship and go away for a few days.

Or you can hang out in the ACT and celebrate via the Canberra Festival which includes Enlighten and the Balloon Spectacular (we have a very big smurf gracing our skies right now).

Or you can attend the very big birthday party at Commonwealth Park.  This year the entertainment included Shaun the Sheep, the Trolls, a bunch of Canberra bands, DJ Havana Brown and the Hoodoo Gurus.

We didn't bolt, nor did we get involved in the celebrations the weekend had on offer.

Instead we grabbed the grand-bub and headed to a local river and had a picnic lunch with extended family.

How gorgeous is our grand bub? 

What do you do on your public holidays?

Do you leave town, or do you hang out in your local area?

Who remembers the Hoodoo Gurus? 

PS: The Hoodoos played at Canberra Uni back in my uni days.  Great band to see live.

I kiss the ground on which you walk ... I kiss the lips through which you talk ... I kiss the city of New York ... where I first met you ...



  1. Grand-bub is definitely rocking the party dress and gumboots look. Love it!! Sounds like a lovely relaxing day. I remember the Hoodoo Gurus. Good times!

  2. I was informed of this yesterday (as the name day celebration where everyone leaves and goes to the coast) and am cross that NSW gets 2 less holidays than most other states. WTF????

  3. I'm laughing at the irony of people celebrating Canberra Day by leaving the city for the day ������

  4. She is gorgeous! We like to kick back and relax at home on public holidays. Dave is usually working though so it's nice to just spend time at home with the girls without anything to do when he does have a public holiday off.

  5. I usually hide at home on public holidays as the tourists invade my suburb and I am spoiled and not accustomed to seeing other people on the beach at the same time as me.

  6. I love public holidays. I also love Canberra. My parents lived there for a few years, and I loved to visit. So beautiful

  7. I love Canberra - coming down in a few weeks actually - and I love that you get a day to celebrate such a mighty fine city. I've seen so many photos of Enlighten on social media, it looks fab! I thought you were way too young to have a grand-bub but she is super cute!

  8. For some strange reason I did know Canberra had more public holidays than anywhere in Australia. I'd like to go visit Canberra again. I have a bro-in-law who has just moved to there too.

  9. She's adorable, love those blue boots! We had our labour day holiday yesterday. :)


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