Thursday, March 16, 2017

Day 2709 - The Lovin Life Linky - The Science Edition

Today we're going to get out our test tubes and rubber gloves.

There are times when life sucks.  It sucks because we are thrown massive curve balls that completely screw with this game we call life. Curve balls that are so challenging that the outcome of the game is hanging in the balance.

But these curve balls often bring with them a handful of people who are adamant they'll still be able to catch the ball.  The people who examine the trajectory and the science behind the ball's movement and place themselves in the right spot wearing their catcher's mitt.

I'm at risk of totally overdoing my baseball metaphor (which has nothing to do with this post), so let's move on shall we ... 

For the last few years my big grown up (step) daughter has been fighting sarcoma.  Four sarcomas in four years.  Each one with the ability to stop life dead in its tracks while she wages war on the tumours.

The first one was diagnosed in her left thigh in 2014 around the time of her daughter's first birthday.  It was removed and grew back within a month which led to radiation and more surgery.

Then a year later one popped up in her abdomen around the kidney region which was quickly removed.

Another year passed and in late 2016 her scans revealed something odd in the other thigh.  It was too small and deep to test, but by February this year it had grown to around 13cm and it was obvious she had another sarcoma rearing its ugly head.

This hardly seems worthy of a lovin' life post, does it?

The whole thing sucks and it's completely shitty that she has to put her life on hold every year while she spends months fighting the Big C.  The fear, anger, frustration, exhaustion, sadness, confusion and despair weighs heavily in these circumstances.  Nobody should have to go through this once, let alone annually.

They say that behind every challenge is an opportunity and behind every dark cloud is a ray of sunlight. I believe that. Which means behind every sucky scenario there's the possibility of a positive post.

As she starts her treatment this week (which will then lead to more surgery in June) we're lovin' that she's qualified for a new trial.  A trial that injects nano-particles into her tumour that will supposedly help the radiation do its work by shrinking the tumour quicker than radiation on its own.  She's the only person in the ACT undergoing this treatment which means she has a team of experts all to herself working diligently to beat the beast.  There are three others going through it in Sydney and another 140 or so worldwide.

This makes her special. But of course, we knew that already.

So as we all rally around her this week, and over the next few months, I'd like to say a big thank you to science.

I'm lovin' that we have people in this world who believe in the possibilities and have the knowledge and energy to find the answers.  I love that we have groups who fund these studies and who pursue them with such gusto.  I love that Australia agreed to work with the French on this trial. I love that our girl is being treated like a hospital-gown-wearing-rockstar because she could potentially have the answers they need to help her and others just like her.

Thank you science!

Do you have science in your life?

Where has scientific study renewed your hope?

Any budding scientists in your family?

For more information about sarcoma click here.

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  1. What a challenging time (again) for you all. I hope the trial is a roaring success. We are so excellent at science in this country that I think some of us take it for granted.

  2. Wow - how distressing for you and exhausting for your daughter. I'm glad there is a new treatment on the horizon. I am a firm believer that science can fix anything. I also think that there are many inquiring minds out there. The human body is still such a mystery but the doctors are always learning more (thanks to the scientists) and they can and will eventually find cures for everything (think of all the cures we take for granted?).

  3. That sounds like a very rough ride for your poor step-daughter. She sounds like a tough cookie though, thinking of her and you all xx

  4. Sending your daughter much love, hope and prayer through all of this.

    Stay strong, Leanne.

    SSG xxx

  5. That sounds like a promising trial! I hope it helps her and good on her for participating because either way, she's helping other people and that is no small thing. You know my thoughts on science, I'm sure. Hope you are all coping ok xx

  6. That is fabulous news for your step daughter. I hope it is the breakthrough she needs. My younger sister was a Scientist for years. She was working on research into meniscus tears ( a common injury in the knee joint). I think she made some amazing discoveries along the way and even won an award. These days she works as a Dietician, which was her major at Uni. I wish your step daughter a good prognosis. Cancer really does suck. :)

  7. Oh my heart stopped and then went again as I read this post. Goodness me, dont some people this case, your young step-daughter, do it tough? I am glad then that there is some help for her in this trial and that things will improve...most definitely...for her chances to raise her little girl to womanhood. Much love and strength sent your way. Denyse xx

  8. Fingers crossed it all goes well. Sending you all lots of love x

  9. Oh some people get such a rough deal in life! I'm so glad your step-daughter has this opportunity for some special treatment. I hope it makes an enormous difference for the better. I will keep everything crossed that this treatment will be the last one she needs and that this unfair annual event stops so that she can get back to Lovin Life! Lots of love and hugs to all of you! xo #TeamLovinLife

  10. Oh, love the positive lining and it's very exciting about the trial. I can't even imagine what progress we will make in science and technology over coming years and hope - one day - cancer is something easily overcome.

  11. Have been thinking about you all. Wondering how treatment was going and how you were all coping as a family. Not sure how you are managing to do as much as you do. Best wishes to your step daughter.

    1. Also, no linking up from me this week. I'm struggling to get on top of things.

  12. Cancer sucks. To be honest I didn't even know what sarcoma was and have just Googled it. So glad your girl is fortunate enough to be participating in this trial, and wishing her the very best!

  13. I love how you've turned this into a positive post even with the fear of the big C here again. I found it was the only way to get through when my dad was fighting his own battle. I had no idea how lucky we were in this country with our health system until Dad had to be a beneficiary. Wishing your big girl all the very best with this trial x

  14. I'm so sorry she has to go through this but science is truly amazing. I wish the government would fund more of this stuff - Aussie scientists are world class and need more funding. Best of luck to her for the trial and fingers crossed.

  15. I think finding the silver lining in any issue or event can make you a better person! Even when it is cancer! So kudos to you & your daughter...and here's a ton of love, hope & prayers to help her with the fight!!

  16. She has gone through so much and I'm sure is a stronger person because of it. But I think we'd all opt out of the traumas of life if we could. I truly hope her new treatment regime works beyond expectations and is the beginning of the end of this round of the fight.

  17. I'm so so sorry to hear this. What a terrible time for her, and for you all. It must weigh very heavy. I hope the new treatment is successful and that your hospital-gown-wearing-rockstar is soon up and about and rocking around the world.

  18. I think you're marvelous to always see the positive side Leanne. I know it's the only way to go, but it's certainly not easy. May the trial bring positive results for your step-daughter and that she is soon loving life again. Thank goodness for science1 #TeamLovinLife

  19. Great news about the trial and sending best wishes for a positive outcome. Your step-daughter is lucky to have you in her life Leanne.

  20. Without science, I wouldn't have my daughter so yes, I am all about science. Sending positive thoughts your family's way.

  21. Fingers crossed for you and your family - we are so lucky to live in a time when we have access to such amazing technology and scientists. Sending all the positive vibes (because I believe in science more, but a few good thoughts are helpful too).

  22. Thinking very positive thoughts for you and your family. What a difficult time, I'm so impressed you are able to turn things around with a grateful outlook.

  23. Weird... I left a comment yesterday but can't see it here. Just wanted to say thinking of you all and sending good vibes. I like to think smart science and positivity are a winning combination!

  24. Thinking of you and your step-daughter in what must just me such a difficult time. Fingers crossed this new trial is the answer you need! xx

  25. It's sad the reassons for her getying to trial this but let's hope the trial proves successful. Our 7 year old seems to like science and she's been showing interest in a new science after school club, so we will see. #lovinlifelinky


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