Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day 2712 - How to reset your nose so that you can tune back into your household smells

It might be time for a nasal reset.

Have you ever hopped into a car, or walked into the home, of a dog owner?  It smells like dog. But the thing is, the dog owner doesn't know that because their nose gets used to the scent.

I am very sensitive to smells and prior to owning dogs I could smell them the moment I walked into a dog owner's home.  But I don't often smell our own dogs anymore because my nose is used to them.

When I walk into the homes of others, I can smell the musky scent that boys and men seem to have, dirty laundry, garlic, onions and pre-cooked spices.

On the plus side I can often determine what washing powder you use, what cakes you've been cooking and the brand of hairspray in your cabinet.

Of course I then wonder what our house must smell like.

Now that we have dogs I am conscious of others smelling canine BO the moment they walk through my front door.  So I burn scented candles to try and mask the odour.

But is there actually an odour?

What does my house really smell like?

Is it as bad as I'm assuming it is?

Because we get used to our own smells the only way to truly know what our homes smell like to others is to reset our nose.

Umm ... did you just say RESET OUR NOSE?

Yep, that's what I said.

Sandi Toksvig from UK's "QI" revealed on the Graham Norton Show recently that we can give our nose a reboot in order to pick up our home fragrances.

Because we're less likely to smell our own smells, it's a good idea to reset the honker to determine whether or not we might need a dose of household freshness.

How does one do this? Simply run and up and down the stairs very fast a few times which increases blood flow, widens the capillaries and readjusts certain receptors within the nose for the ability to smell new smells again.

What if I don't have stairs? I dunno.  Perhaps run around the block instead?

Either way, it might be time we all had a nasal reset.

Are you sensitive to smells?

Ever wonder what your own home smells like to others?

Anyone contemplating running up and down the stairs today? 


  1. What? How weird! This is blowing my mind and I am trying to restrain myself from running up and down the stairs outside my apartment right now. I fear my neighbours might think I've really flipped the lid.

  2. Wow, so much information I never really thought about. There are certain scents that get me but I usually have such bad sinuses I tend to block out the worst ones.

    SSG xxx

  3. Well! The things you learn. I must say, after a couple of weeks of rain, I'm sure our house must have the fragrance eau de wet cocker spaniel.

  4. Thanks Leanne that is my learning for the day! I do agree that we become immune to smells in our own home so I've recently bought an essential oil diffuser which might help. Maybe my running helps me reset my nose? Have a great week and thanks for the info you never know it might be a trivial pursuit question one day.LOL:)
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  5. I am sensitive to smells and can be annoyed by them. I cannot go into Lush for instance...tooo much for me. Just walking past affects me a bit. I am not a fan of dogs in the house (or maybe it was because of going to people's places where dogs ruled) but I appreciate that for many people this is what is. Interesting what science tells us these days. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 12/52. Next week: 3 Month Review 2017.

  6. I have stairs AND a very stinky house due to 2 pugs who badly need a bath (waiting for this weather to break so I can wash them). I may need to try this experiment and report back on it's validity!

  7. I hate to say but my home smells of cat and sometimes cat pee :( I do keep windows open whenever I'm home but when I get back from work, it's not the best smell. I always make sure I have an air-freshener going before I have people come over!

  8. Yes,can definitely notice that other peeople's houses smell like other people; not all offensive, just difference. Keen to try the reset to make sure our place doesn't harbour any lingering stank!


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