Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 2716 - The Lovin Life Linky - Homework Edition

Is it possible to love homework?

With one child in year 12 and the other in year 8, you can imagine there's quite a lot of homework going on at our house.

For the last few weeks we've had assignments up to our armpits and the weird thing is, I'm lovin' every minute of it!

The same can't be said for them of course.  They're feeling the pressure that assessment time can bring.  But I'm loving that I can help them chunk things down to create an assignment plan and then getting to edit their work and learn a whole bunch of new things in the process.

When it comes to school work my daughter has always been very independent.  She just gets it done.  Since she's been in senior school I've been a little more hands on during the final stages of each assignment just to put my editing skills to good use.  Without changing her thoughts or angle in any way, I simply make sure she's addressed the entire question and check her grammar, spelling and punctuation.  Sometimes she gets a bit stuck mid assignment so we brainstorm together to get her back on track.  I'm learning so much in the process!

As for my son, it's no surprise that he requires more guidance. Dyslexia will do that to you.  So with his work I'm involved at the beginning, middle and end to help set up the assignment, check on progress and edit.  We spend an hour every morning getting him set up for each day at school, plan his independent learning guide together, finish any work he didn't get done in class and work on any assessments that might be due.

I have to be honest, I'm really enjoying the time I'm getting to spend with my kids in this way.

It hasn't always been enjoyable. There have been days/weeks/years where home learning has been stressful for everyone.  But the type of work they get to do these days is actually really interesting and I'm loving the learning.

In the past two months I've learned:

  • About Rube Goldberg machines and the transfers and transitions of energy.
  • How to do BODMAS and how two negatives make a positive, and powers and square roots and multiplying fractions.
  • How to create a story mountain and some new tips and tricks on creative writing
  • All about the Australian Stock Exchange and how to compare financial reports of some of Australia's biggest retail companies (and realising that their profits are actually quite low)
  • About pop culture in China, the music they like, the fashion, the fast food available (KFC is their fave), their version of Facebook/social media and the history of soccer in that country.
  • All about sociology and the influence certain TV shows can have on a culture and social issues.
  • The ins and outs of Kangaroo Island and why it's a cool spot to visit
That's not a bad knowledge haul for a Deep Fried woman of the world like me.  As they grow and develop in their knowledge, I feel that I'm growing and developing in mine also.

Which is important as we get older.  Just because we reach a certain age, it doesn't mean we should stop learning.  It's that learning and growth that keeps us from plateauing and feeling stuck.  We need the little peaks and troughs of growth to keep bleeping on the screen to show we are still living! 

So this week I'm lovin' homework.  I'm lovin' the growth it's giving my kids and the growth it's giving me in the process.  Not to mention the precious time we get to spend together.

Is it possible to love homework?

What homework is going on in your house right now?

Have you learned something new in the last few weeks?

Do you help your kids with their assignments?

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  1. I saw Chimerica and they talk aboutKFC in China and they have business lunches there and it's not just chicken, they have all sorts of exotic salads and noodles there too (in KFC).
    I learnt there are people in Sydney who don't know what laksa is. Not haven't tried it. Don't know what it is. I was AMAZED by this (this may reveal myself as a wanker)

  2. My twins are in year 12 this year and my youngest is in year 8 too! Lucky for me they are all independent learners but my youngest's latest assignment taught me all about the Gorkha Earthquake and landslides in Nepal and the ongoing aftermath.


  3. I love homework, always have. It sets you up with great habits for later in life. I'm one of those weird mums that use to set homework when certain teaches failed to over the years.

  4. I am not a fan of homework where it is set for the sake of it. Homework needs to be meaningful to the STUDENT and as far as possible completed within a short time frame depending on age and need. I do not like homework that is overly dependent on parent support but I do like it when parents assist in seeing children learn to enjoy reading and every day life tasks such as helping with writing a grocery list etc. Yes, there needs to be some study routine for the inevitable years of HS and beyond if that is where a student is headed. I agree that we all need to be life time learners but that is not always academic nor in a formal setting. A very thoughtful post, Leanne.

  5. My daughter is only just learning to read so they only homework we have is reading books. I hated homework as a kid and at boarding school we had to do it for 2 hours! I used to just write letters home to tell them how much I hate it at boarding school!

  6. I don't remember much about homework at school, actually!

  7. I love learning new things but loathed the homework grind when our kids were still at school, don't miss those days at all!

  8. A story mountain? That actually sounds very interesting! Please write a post and teach us about story mountains :-)

  9. It's amazing how much you can learn from your kid's homework!! And it's so good for our brain to get these new pathways by learning!! So I'd say "absolutely homework can be fun" Of course it always helps that you're not getting graded on it--ha ha!

  10. I agree, Leanne, that time spent learning together with your children is really special. We don't have homework here but I do find myself googling most of the questions Preschooler SSG asks me these days..

    SSG xxx

  11. My son is in Year 4 this year and we do about 30 mins to 45 mins each night. Sometimes I feel like it's a bit much for a nine year old, but he's an only child so I've got nothing else to compare it to!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  12. Thankfully in the main, homework's never been too much of an issue. Obviously depends what time of day we do it versus tired child! I sit and do the english and hubby does the maths. We both chip in with science. Those topics do sound really interesting. Especially the effects of TV on sociology. Very interesting. Next year homework will be stepped up a gear and probably go to near enough every night I should think. At the mo we have it once a week and spellings. With work and after school club, it's just about manageable... #LovinLifeLinky And thanks so much for sharing your post with #HighlightsofHappy too :)


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