Friday, March 24, 2017

Day 2717 - Lamb and mint jelly salad

Can you turn a roast into a salad?

I believe you can turn ANYTHING into a salad.

In my house, I'm known at the Salad Queen (self titled of course).  If I could get away with it, I would serve salads forever.

I do manage to serve up the odd "chunky salad" to my family at dinner time which not only delights their taste buds but also fills them in the process.

My lamb and mint jelly salad is a recent success.

I first discovered this taste sensation* by creating it as a "left-overs salad" after a roast a while back. Left-overs salad is by far my favourite lunch time treat.  It's where you just get a bowl of lettuce, cucumber, capscium, red onion and throw in your heated up left-overs from the night before.

Left-overs salads can be created from left-over roasts, BBQs, chicken schnitzels, tacos, pasta ... anything.

Anyway, when I was hunting through the freezer this week (in a panic because I hadn't planned my meals) I discovered a tray of diced lamb.  Given the aforementioned Salad Queen title, my mind did not head to stirfries, pies nor pasta. Oh no.  My mind went straight to Lamb and Mint Jelly Salad based on previous lunch time concoctions.

Lamb and Mint Jelly Salad

What you need to buy:

  • 500gm diced lamb
  • 3 new potatoes
  • 1/3 of a butternut pumpkin
  • 2 cups of frozen peas
  • Lettuce of your choice
  • Mint jelly
  • Herb bread to serve

What you need to do:

  1. Cut the potatoes and pumpkin into bite size pieces, spray with canola oil and bake in 180 degree oven for approximately 40 minutes.
  2. Cook the lamb on a stove top frying pan to your satisfaction
  3. Cook the peas in microwave for 2 minutes
  4. Toast herb bread in oven for around 10 minutes 
  5. Chop lettuce and distribute evenly between 4 bowls
  6. Add potatoes, pumpkin, peas and lamb to each bowl and toss.
  7. Add a few dollops of mint jelly to each bowl 
  8. Cut the herb bread into large crouton style pieces and add to bowls as a last step

Are there any other Salad Queens out there (self proclaimed or otherwise)?

Can you turn a roast into a salad?

What salads do you create?

*the term "taste sensation" is totally subjective of course and coming from a non-chef non-foodie it may not mean a whole lot.  But it means something to me, and it's my blog, so ... 

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  1. Looks good!
    I love using leftover roast chicken to make Vietnamese salads. It's another proper meal in its own right and so very tasty. I've started to do the same thing with pork as well :)

  2. Oh yum! This looks so good! I would probably swap the lettuce for some spinach and then away I'd go. I'm a bit obsessed with pumpkin and put it in everything, from salads to cakes! In the UK we have mint sauce which as it's name suggests is like mint jelly but runnier. It's so good! Lamb and mint is such a winning combo!

  3. You have such good ideas. I'm on a project to reduce our food waste - it does my head in how much we throw out. Theses are such a good idea. Of course it requires me to make a roast....

  4. I feel like I want to take this 'salad challenge' on! Thanks for linking up with the Ultimate Rabbit Hole xox


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