Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day 2721 - Styling for Autumn 2017 - a mother daughter collaboration

Ever think I'd add "stylist" to my resume?

Tobi crepe jumpsuit with Ishka necklace
My daughter and I were recently approached by a clothing store to do a bit of a blogging/social media collaboration: she as the model (of course) and me as the stylist.

Well of course I jumped at the opportunity because (a) any time I get to spend with my girl is a plus and (b) I've always wanted to dabble in styling.

Here is part one of our three part series.

So we selected a bunch of clothes across a number of labels and started throwing outfits together. Then we loaded the suitcase. charged the camera and set off in search of a location.

My idea was to choose one piece of clothing for each of the three blog posts and create three very different looks from each piece.

We started with the Anisha black crepe jumpsuit from Tobi.com currently on sale for $60.58 and teamed it with a bunch of different accessories to give each wear a very distinct look.

The Tobi Crepe Jumpsuit in black - Image source

Look one:  Street/Casual

Anisha crepe jumpsuit - Tobi.com/au
Ishka necklace
Sash and Belle fringe handbag
Slides Birkenstock

Look two: Party/Clubbing 

Anisha crepe jumpsuit - Tobi.com/au
Sash and Belle backpack
Faux leather jacket from Zara
Boots from Dolls Kill
Hoop earrings from Lovisa

Look 3: Cocktail 

Anisha crepe jumpsuit - Tobi.com/au
Forever New clutch
Bralet from Tahlia J Noir
Strappy heels from FSW
Hoop earrings from Lovisa

Jumpsuits are all the rage right now and this one gives off a very youthful vibe. It's amazing what you can do with a signature piece such as this.

Stay tuned for our next styling session where we'll take a pair of 3/4 pencil pants from the office, to the club and then to the beach.

Which of these looks is your fave? 

Would you ever bare your bra?

What other looks would you suggest for this jumpsuit? 


  1. Amazingly different looks for the one item of clothing Leanne! I'm so not a stylist but I think you could safely add that title to your resume!

  2. I LOVE the back on that jumpsuit. Just gorgeous. Really love the clubbing and cocktail look. Oh to have a cute little figure like that again ;)

  3. Love a jumpsuit - this one is super cute. For a relaxed vibe I would try a loose cami in white underneath with kicks.

  4. Definitely a youthful style of jumpsuit! I love the back of it!


  5. How lovely to see your model daughter on the blog today! Miss 20 loves bralets too ...

  6. Fun idea for a post! I like the first outfit the best, I got to use that bag for a collaboration with Sash & Belle a while ago, it's a really fun bag :)

  7. Clever styling and your daughter wears those styles so well.

  8. If I had a bra (and a figure) like that maybe I would flash my bra. I love the way you've styled the outfits - but the cocktail one is definitely my fave!

  9. I don't think I've ever worn a jumpsuit. I'm not sure if they'd suit me, might have to try one on at some point and see!

  10. I love all the looks! Though I don't think I could ever bear my bra. lol

  11. Fun! Great looks - I wouldn't expose my bra because it is more like a tent than a pretty lace thing :)


I love hearing your thoughts! Keep them rolling in :)

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