Thursday, March 30, 2017

Day 2723 - The Lovin Life Linky - There's a lot of strength in a welcome.

It's all about the welcome.

Ever noticed how much better you feel about a new situation when people make an effort to welcome you?

Whether it be a new job, new neighbourhood, new team or new group of friends, it only takes one person to walk up, look you in the eye and say "welcome" to make you feel valued and at ease.

The word itself is so much stronger than a simple "hello".  The word says "hello, you matter, we value you, we want you here, welcome aboard".

The word means more than saying "come in"  The word says "come in, we can't wait to spend time with you, we want you here, you're valuable to us."

I've been using the word a fair bit lately.  In so many of my projects I'm welcoming people into new groups, teams and roles.

It feels good to say "welcome", because I'm not only making someone feel good about getting involved, I also feel so much better knowing there is an extra person on board.


The more I say it, the more I like it.

Have you had to welcome someone recently?

Perhaps you've got someone in your sphere who's new and could do with a good "welcome"?

When was the last time you felt truly welcomed? 

Without further ado I'd like to welcome Jo Tracey to the Lovin' Life Linky team.  She's taken the spot left by Debbish who wandered off to concentrate on her non-bloggy life for a while.

I was super excited when Jo agreed to come on board because there's a lot to love about her. First there's her "And Anyways" blog, then there's the fact that she's a fellow author, she does other cool stuff like astrology, she thinks young, she likes to travel, she really does seem to love life and she's just a cool chick.

Welcome Jo!

And welcome to all of you who are joining us this week.

Let's get started shall we?

*   *   *   *   *

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  1. I don't say the word much, but I do tend to be indiscriminate with invitations. Last party I invited both High School parents and primary school parents I didn't know, saying "Well never get to know each other if we don't actually see each other" and a couple came along, grateful to have the opportunity to meet other parents. If nothing else, we discussed having a dinner with the kids after parent teacher, so we'll have a better chance to talk more.

  2. Hello Jo!!

    I was the person being made welcomed the other day. A lady at school interviews struck up a conversation with me as we were leaving. I was clearly the odd woman out on the day and she was initially there with a group of ladies she already knew.

    It was a lovely gesture and I hope I can muster up the courage to play it forward.

    SSG xxx

  3. I use it when I open the door for people at work!

  4. I love the word welcome and I use it whenever I can. When I know of a newborn's arrival I always write/say "welcome to the world". As a school leader/teacher my words I hoped were always meant in welcome and I said it many times too. I love hearing Welcome to Country from our indigenous leaders. Welcome to Jo ...already a bloggy friend, and a small fact is that we "used" to live quite close to where Jo has moved from. Small world and all that! I am linking up posts for this linky that have been part of the other aspects of my blogging in recent months. Have a great day Leanne.

  5. As you know Leanne, I admire you and Jo both for your writerly exploits outside of blogging - given you both have other commitments and jobs etc..!

  6. I truly understood the value of a "welcome" when I moved to London and started working there. I felt like such an outsider because hardly anyone acknowledged by presence or included me in conversations. That was a huge lesson to me and now I try to make everyone feel welcome at work, or wherever.

  7. We very recently welcomed friends from my husband's gym class to our home for a dinner party. It was such a lovely night and I enjoyed playing hostess to these new friends. I would also like to welcome Jo Tracey to our group. I feel I'm amongst very talented company. :)

  8. I'm organising a girl's weekend away and recently was asked to include someone who I don't know very well and who will likely be feeling a little awkward too. So I sent her a message saying 'welcome aboard'. It made me feel good and I'm betting it made her feel good too. Yes, welcome is a very powerful word. I'm scheduling a FB share of your post. I love it! x x

  9. My child's new school has made me feel very welcome. I was worried as we changed schools but there has been no problems fitting into the community.

  10. Welcome seems from another era doesn't it but is it such a lovely and inclusive word. It makes me feel wanted rather than just greeted. Yay for Jo and Welcome I'm sure she will be a great addition to the team.

  11. So agree! A warm Hello and Welcome makes all the difference to feeling included and benefits the giver and the receiver in so many ways. Well done you on being so inclusive and a big warm Hello and Welcome to Jo. Today, I'm feeling in very fine and talented company in these Lovin' Life parts :) #teamlovinlife

  12. I love using the word welcome. I don't though like hearing it as "you're welcome" when it's from a wait person who really doesn't sound like they mean it.

  13. I do think this is extremely important!! I know all of you that host this linkup have always been so welcoming...which is why I come back week after week!
    Thank you!

  14. 'Welcome' is definitely a wonderful word. I've just signed up for the Welcome Dinner Project, which welcomes new refugees by holding community dinners in local family homes.

  15. "Welcome" Jo! I don't think the actual words used matter too much, so long as you feel the welcome. When I started aqua aerobics 2 months ago it made the world of difference that the other ladies were friendly and made me feel welcome :-)

  16. Welcome to you Jo Tracey! It's always nice to be welcomed and acknowledged when you're new to a situation. In my role as a Weight Watchers coach, I welcome new members every week. I remember what it was like to muster up the courage to be brave enough to walk through the doors and say "I'm here and I'm ready to become a better version of me!". The welcome is an important part of the process. #TeamLovinLife

  17. Welcome Jo! I love it when people welcome me. it makes such a difference to how I feel!

  18. Awww thanks everyone for the welcome. I promise I'll have my act more together for next week. Looking forward to getting to know you all. :)

  19. You're right - being welcomed makes ALL the difference when you are somewhere new. I know it has for me and so I always welcome someone else as I would want to be. As it turns out I welcomed Jo (Tracey) to #TeamLovinLife just the other day and again in my post but I'll say welcome again to Jo because why not?! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  20. Welcome is a gorgeous word - it just sounds warm doesn't it Leanne? And it's lovely that Jo is on board to share the load for this linky (which I LOVE by the way!)

  21. And what a great post to welcome Jo with! I love her astrology blog. You're right Leanne, you really do feel valued when someone says 'welcome'. #LovinLifeLinky


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