Saturday, April 1, 2017

Day 2725 - Which is better for me, Muesli or porridge?

Today I take a look at breakfast

On the days I haven't felt like drinking my Energy Boost Smoothie, I've been flip flopping between eating muesli and porridge for breakfast.

From a Fit and Fabulous point of view, I wonder which has the least kilojoules?

Let's see shall we!

According to nutritionist Amanda Ursell (who is the current "go to girl" for all things nutrition in Woman's Day Magazine) we should swap muesli for porridge if we want to lose weight.

Apparently 50g of rolled oats contains 745kj, compared to many muesli's (that usually contain sugar) which come in at around 837kj for a similar serve.

Adding strawberries to our porridge would add around 222kj plus a whole bunch of lovely antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

If you choose to add a banana you'll get a bunch of super duper health benefits BUT it will add an additional 460kj.

What milk shall we add? Further investigation via suggests that unsweetened almond milk will add about 126kj per cup whereas skim cow's milk will add about 377kj per cup.

If you eat porridge with strawberries and almond milk that will equal around 1093kj.

If you eat muesli with banana and skim cow's milk that will equal around 1674kj.

If you're trying to shed a few kilos then perhaps the best cereal this autumn is porridge with strawberries and almond milk which will save you around 581kj.

Happy breakfasting everyone.

Note: I am not a nutritionist nor a dietitian, simply a Deep Fried chick who reads a lot trying to be the best that I can be. 

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