Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Day 2736 - Wellness Wednesday - the challenges of being on holidays.

Why do holidays contain so much bread?

It's that time of the week,  Time to check in and brag about the wins and admit to the defeats of the Wellness Week.

We're on holidays!  So let me firstly brag about that.

Wandering along the board walk at Narooma

Paddling around the rock pools and in the shallows at Tomakin 

Now let's get into the nitty gritty of this post.

As far as exercise is concerned for the past week, I can safely say I didn't do well.  One of my volunteer roles has had me strapped to the keyboard which has meant the dawn exercise has suffered.While there has been a bit of incidental exercise, the 5km morning walks have gone by the wayside mainly because of the extra screen time I've had at 5.00am.

Of course I can't blame the volunteer work.  I could have made it happen if I'd really wanted to.  I just used the "lack of time" excuse because sometimes that's easier than pushing myself that little bit further.

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

My food choices have not been as bad as they could have been.  Holidays do tend to bring with them more meals with bread (which I'm feeling very attracted to right now), but so far I have managed to avoid the fish and chips, pizza and hamburgers.

Holidays also seem to bring daily doses of champagne.  Which feels incredibly fabulous but may not be doing my body any justice.

Salads are still high on the menu, as are all the clean green foods without packaging.

Sugar is starting to creep back in via baked goods that magically appeared in our holiday house.

You can't beat a holiday mindset.  While I'm still at my screen during periods throughout the day keeping things ticking over, I'm managing to get plenty of time to read my book, hang with the fam and wander along the beach.

I think the best part about holidays (whether you take your work with you or not) is that when you're away from your home you can cleanse from the worries of household management, the kids schooling and the general day-to-day chores.   A few layers are removed that help you feel lighter.

I can safely say I feel lighter this week, even if the bread and baked goods won't reflect that on the scales when I return to the real world.

How's your wellness this week?

Anyone else on holidays?

What one food brings you undone when you're on holidays?  

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