Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day 2737 - The Lovin Life Linky - Beach Vibes Edition

Today's post is brought to you from the NSW South Coast

Tomakin Beach at low tide - south end
We are lucky enough to have a little beach house at Surf Beach which is in the Bateman's Bay region of NSW.

First we had it rented out full time to a lovely family who lived in it for about 6 years or so.   Then we decided to try just listing it as holiday rental so that we could use it ourselves from time to time.

As a result we now have a coastal getaway which is available to us whenever it's not  being rented out to someone else.

What I love about our little getaway is that it's positioned so that we can either walk to our local beach or choose to drive to any of the many beaches dotted along the coast.

Which is why I can post lovely photos like these:

McKenzie's Beach

Malua Bay


Tomakin north end

Surf Beach
So that's what I'm lovin' about life this week. Being able to make use of the gaps in our booking sheet for some autumn school holiday beach vibes.

Do you have a regular holiday spot you like to visit?

Anyone else getting some beach vibes this week?

What are you lovin' about life?

If you feel like a very affordable getaway to the NSW South Coast you can rent our place either through Stayz or from us directly via our Facebook page (it's cheaper that way).  

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  1. What a lovely what a lovely location to escape away to!


  2. You're so lucky to have a beach getaway. We had a beach house when I was a kid and it was awesome! Your photos are lovely and that beach looks so inviting. We are staying home this Easter/School Holidays but I plan on taking a little bit of much-needed time out. Enjoy! xox #TeamLovinLife

  3. I have permanent beach vibes, living only a few hundred metres from the beach :)

  4. Looks like a beautiful spot and that is great that you can now utilise your little house.

  5. Oh wow Leanne, such a lovely spot and it looks quite unpopulated and not overly busy! How wonderful having it there for you all year round!

  6. Lovely shots and I think a most wonderful place to rest and refresh as I see you are doing now and am glad you have shared this with us all. Happy Easter! Denyse x

  7. We are in the process of hopefully purchasing a beach house at our favourite island ... :-)

  8. Love the south coast & love these pics. Enjoy your holiday #teamLovin'Life

  9. Man...the beach used to be my fave! Now I try to be an indoor girl after several skin cancer spots...bummer, huh?

  10. Just gorgeous Leanne. I love the South Coast of NSW. I used to live in Kiama for a couple of years and it was one of my favourites spots. I just loved your photos thank you.

  11. Just beautiful Leanne. I remember Surf Beach and McKenzie Beach from when we stayed at Batemans Bay a few years ago. It is a wonderful area and you are so lucky to have a holiday home here. Very jealous! :)

  12. What a gorgeous place. We've had a couple of holidays in Bateman's Bay when we were living in Sydney. I also use to live in Merimbula and still have family there.

    No linking up for me again. Still not back into the swing of things. Slightly distracted with the purchase of our new home and don't want to link and run.

    Have a great Easter. Catch you on the other side.

  13. Oh you are so lucky to have a beach house to escape to when it's not being used. Great photo's too! My brother in law and his wife have a house at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast here in Qld that we sometimes get to use when it's not booked up. It's a lovely escape!! #TeamLovinLife

  14. Oh how gorgeous! Have forwarded it to the Welshman who is our resident holiday planner. We have never been up to Batemans Bay but hopefully that will change soon!

  15. I'd love to have a little beach house we could escape to from time to time! Looks beautiful there x

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  16. What a lovely day at the beach! : ) Thanks for hosting!!

  17. Heaven. Just heaven. We've been ducking down to our local beach this Easter but it's not the same as heading further to an actual holiday house.

    SSG xxx


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