Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Day 2743 - Wellness Wednesday

How's your health and fitness going?

Put your hand up if you ate too much chocolate on the weekend.

Put your hand up if you drank too much champagne.

Put your hand up if you're now feeling like you need to run a marathon to deal with the consequences.

The good news is today is a brand new day with a blank sheet of paper in which we can write a new story.

Who's with me?

I did do one thing that was somewhat healthy and fit on the weekend - I climbed a hill.  Not sure if it was enough to ditch the chocolate and the huge Easter lunch, but my calves are definitely feeling the benefits.  They're reminding me of it every time I stand up.

Walking up Rocky Hill, Goulburn, NSW

Dare Devil Dogs enjoying the view from the top

The War Memorial at the top of Rocky Hill, Goulburn

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Hope you are well.  

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