Saturday, April 22, 2017

Day 2746 - Are wraps any better than bread for weightloss?

Bread versus wraps - How do they stack up?

If you follow me daily then you'll know that I'm on a bit of a health and wellness mission.  I'm trying to get back to honouring my Fit and Fabulous tagline.

This mission includes weight loss because the truth is I've stacked on the kilos over the last six months and as I creep towards menopause I know it's going to be bloody hard to lose it if I don't get onto it now.

Anyway ...

I know for a fact that bread does me no favours.  It's the one food that instantly pads my stomach, butt and thighs. It also slows me down.

I also know for a fact that bread seems to be my comfort food. It's something I crave when I'm feeling pain (fibro) and migraine.  Which is happening fairly regularly right now (making the aforementioned fit and fabulous tag difficult).

So in order to reach a middle ground (for now) I tend to switch the bread for wraps.

But that got me wondering, is there any difference?

How do wraps stack up against bread?

So I did some quick research

Note: I am not a dietitian nor nutritionist (not even a foodie). This is all just my own uneducated thoughts taken from my reading.

According to my research, two slices of wholemeal bread contain around 760 kj (which is about 180 calories) compared to a wholemeal tortilla style wrap which is around 380 kj (about 92 calories).

Two thin slices of white bread contain around 755kj (about 180 calories) and two thick slices contain about 840kj (about 200 calories). Compared to a white wrap which is 422kj (about 101 calories).

So there you have it.  That's the deal with bread versus wraps.  If you don't want to ditch the carbs completely, making the switch from a thick white bread sandwich to a wholemeal wrap could save you 460kj which is around 110 calories.

Which is fine by me because I LOVE wraps and more than anything I like toasted wraps.  I'm thinking I might even start a blog series on wrap recipes.

Does bread make you gain weight?

Any other wrap lovers our there?

What's your favourite wrap?

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  1. That's interesting. Since I don't eat much bread here at all (it's horrible), maybe I can take up more wraps. I had a sandwich the other day and spent the entire time trying to work out what the strange taste was. Turns out it was the bread.

  2. I love bread but it doesn't really love me. I do like wraps but bread just seems so much more satisfying! There's nothing better than a slice or two of sourdough!

  3. I share your feelings about bread; so comforting but I do love a wrap. I came across the 'unwitch'in the US a few years ago - iceberg lettuce leaves used as a wrap

  4. I share your feelings about bread; so comforting but I do love a wrap. I came across the 'unwitch'in the US a few years ago - iceberg lettuce leaves used as a wrap

  5. I have bread issues too. I love my Easter buns but once this time of the year passes, I avoid the stuff like the plague. It makes me sleepy, constipated and just ew! I quite dislike the taste and smell too.

  6. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of wraps, but as I'm coeliac I need to have gluten-free ones and I rarely find any that aren't cardboard-like. I used to occasionally have toasted wraps though, if I had to have something out as it was usually better than the GF bread the cafe near my old work place used to have!

  7. With the Hashimoto's disease side of things I'm better off without gluten. Which just means I go without bread completely, given most of the gluten free breads and less than palatable. I've been looking at making some sort of GF wrap at home in bulk that will freeze. It's been more miss than hit so far.

  8. I'm with you, I much prefer wraps to sandwiches :-)


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