Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Day 2756 - Embracing Grandparenthood

I'm going to let you in on a little secret ...

If you've been following me forever, then you'll know that I'm a grandparent.  You'll also know that because I'm the "step" grandparent that I wanted to only be a grandparent when I felt like it and I'd planned to declare "grandparent immunity" when I didn't.  

A lot has happened since I wrote that post in 2012.  The big grown up daughter has had to endure far too much for a young mum. 

There's been 4 bouts of cancer, a marriage break up, moving house, lawyers and her return home. Some very dark shadows for our girl, but they are balanced with the sunshine and wonderment of her gorgeous baby. 

Well, that grand baby is not a baby anymore.  In fact today is her birthday and she's 4 years old.

Through all the challenges she's been a constant source of joy for everyone and has made this world a far better place to be.

I can safely say I no longer declare grandparent immunity.  I love being Nanny Lea to this little munchkin and I can't wait to watch her grow and thrive.

Thanks for lighting up our life Lola and happy birthday.


  1. Great day for a birthday - my first baby is 21 today. Goodness only knows how that happened. She made my mother a grandparent at 48yo. She was unimpressed with the idea of being old before she was 50....but there ya have it. They are now fellow geocachers and have a great time when they're together. Grandparents are awesome!

  2. I hope your little munchkin adores being four!

  3. Happy birthday to Lola. What a cutie. Have been thinking about her mum hoping treatment is going well.

  4. Aw, happy birthday! And what a stunning grandmother you make!

  5. Lovely! And it must be sweet to just dote without the other stuff.

  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful granddaughter and best wishes to her mum who is going through so much. My post today is somewhat centred on my first granddaughter...she is 21 late this year. Becoming Grandma was the BEST thing that ever happened to me...yes it was/is. It is one BIG reason why I am struggling from time to time with being isolated from some of my younger grandkids..Sad. Denyse xx

  7. Isn't amazing the joy and light children can bring. I know my parents are loving the grandparent gig.

  8. Oh that is so beautiful! I must admit, I'm secretly looking forward to being a grandparent and getting to do all of the fun, spoily grandparent stuff!


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