Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Day 2757 - Wellness Wednesday - Let's talk about mental health

Sometimes we need a mental breakdown to wake up.

Today I am not going to chat about exercise nor food nor the evils of bread.  Today I'm going to talk about mental health. Specifically my mental health.

As you know I take on a lot.  It's just part of who I am. I like to be busy.

Sometimes I don't actually realise how much I've taken on until all my projects are playing push-me-pull-me at the same time.

As I sit here and ponder my naval, I realise that investing in projects is a bit like investing in property.

It's all good when your investment houses are fully tenanted and the properties are paying for themselves without draining your resources. It's all good when the residents are behaving themselves and the world is sunshine and roses. It's not so good when the houses need maintenance, or they are all empty and your bank account is being depleted. It can lead to dire times.

It's the same with energy and mind matters.  It's all fun to take on new projects when they're running at different times and behaving themselves.  But when your energy is being consumed with all of them at once and your mind bank is being depleted through lack of resources, lack of time and additional personal challenges, it's draining on the mind, body and soul.  It too can lead to dire times.

I am writing this because I have over-invested my time.

I am writing this because my energy and mind bank is running dry.

I am also writing this because we've had a few extra challenges this year that weigh heavily on our shoulders causing structural damage.

I am tired and lacking resilience and it's all led to an iddy biddy breakdown.

So, here I am saying that when we invest our time, we should probably do it in the same way we invest in properties.  Only invest in them if we can sustain them even when there is no rental income or when there is maintenance or property damage to see to.

I am learning that I should only invest in projects if I can sustain them when they all suddenly peak at once and if I get hammered with challenges coming in from the outside.

Seems pretty straight forward doesn't it?

But you know all of this already.  It's me that is the queen of over commitment.  I'm a bit slow on the uptake.

This Wellness Wednesday I have taken a step back, I've dropped a couple of commitments and I'm taking some time to breathe.

Otherwise I may just end up bankrupt.

How's your health and wellness this week?

Are you feeling fit and fabulous?

How wisely are you investing your energy? 


  1. Boy am I relieved to read you have stepped back! I looked at what you were taking on some time ago & whilst those things were challenging etc you did ever see what more could
    Be and was around the corner.. so glad that you are slowing down somewhat because your mental health and the importance of you in your family life cannot be inderestimated.. I hope
    That there is some quiet and gentle Leanne times - just for you! Xx

  2. I've been wondering how you do it all. You remind me a lot of myself before I started saying 'no' more often, although I'm very much a work in progress. Someone suggested recently to me that the art of being busy and taking on more, when we should be stepping back, might actually be a sign of high functioning anxiety. I wasn't exactly sure how to take that latest bit of unsolicited advice thrown my way because I've always been this way. Had a need to be what I call productive and proactive, keeping myself distracted lately from the health issues but maybe, just maybe it has some merit.

    Here if you need help or just want to chat. Even if it's just to bounce ideas around and find a better way forward with some of what you've got going on.

  3. Good call. Take care of yourself! xx

  4. Your energy and enthusiasm along with your commitment to take on new things has been astonishing (for me). On top of all that, how you have coped with the other issues that have been thrown your way is mind-boggling. To me you are a superwoman but I think you've made a good call to pull back and give yourself a little slack. Take care.


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