Monday, May 8, 2017

Day 2762 - What I love about Mondays

Monday is the best day of the week.

I love the chance to start fresh of a Monday.

I love that I have a brand new diary page and a brand new diary week.

Monday to me is loaded with possibility.

Well, that's the way it was.

Monday isn't quite as fresh as it used to be.

I miss my "breath of fresh air" Mondays.

I look forward to when I can meet up with them again.  I will make that happen again.  Soon!

But not today. Today I leave to take the model daughter to Sydney for more fashion week castings and other model business.  Gotta run ...

What does Monday mean to you?

Anyone else see that day as a breath of fresh air?


  1. I like your enthusiasm for Mondays!! Nice change!

  2. Have a great Monday, even though you're spending it running around. Your Monday sounds like my Sunday. I'm in the middle of spring cleaning at the moment, getting ready to host Mr M's parents for dinner on Mother's Day.

  3. Mondays are my organising day Leanne and yours sounds like you are up and ready to go for the week! Have a great Monday and a fabulous week.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  4. Mondays have a different feel alright...yours now sound like you are practising to be retired..LOL. I mean that everyone seems to be home and in & out. You will need to find a space/time that is yours we know, we need it!! Hope the model day went well. I seriously do not know how you do that drive back and forth so often as it's not easy once you hit to outskirts of Sydney. Very tiring. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 19/52 Next week's prompt: Favourite Junk Food

  5. Thank you for sharing your love of Mondays, Leanne!

    SSG xxx

  6. I don't work Mondays and I do sometimes go on about missing public holidays, but in reality it means I never suffer Mondayitis. For some reason Tuesdays don't seem to be as bad a day to start work.

    I do love the idea of starting afresh though.


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