Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Day 2764 - Wellness Wednesday - Get dressed to be fabulous

Are you feeling fit and fabulous today?

I've noticed lately that I haven't been taking a lot of care about my appearance.

The fact that I've been extremely busy, overwhelmed, unwell and a little bit blue  has all added to a "care factor zero" kind of mentality.

Which doesn't bode well for someone striving to get back to her Fit and Fabulous tagline, does it?

I hadn't had a nail appointment in five weeks which meant my nails were all chipped and broken looking very much like I'd been in some sort of scrag fight.

The grey hairs glaring from my part line looked like I was wearing a skunk for a hat.

The chin hairs were so long and lush that I could have raised quite a bit of money for Movember.

And we won't even talk about the welcome mats under my arms nor the mohair pantyhose I've been wearing.

Embracing what nature gave us is OK for some, but going au naturale hasn't exactly helped me feel fabulous.   So on this Wellness Wednesday I want to chat about "keeping up appearances".

To really feel fit and fabulous it's important to look after ourselves.  To take care of our exercise, to ensure we eat healthily, to work on our mindset and to make an effort with our appearance.

I'm not saying we need to go out and buy a new wardrobe, nor turn to botox or plastic surgery, but some general upkeep can go a long way to helping us to feel as though we're being the best that we can be.

So this week I have gone back to basics and tried to tidy up the exterior just a tad to ensure my interior is getting a good chance at feeling like home again.  It's hard to keep a good house when the yard is overrun with weeds and the paint is peeling.  So I went and had my nails done, threw some polish on my toes, died my roots, had a bit of a shave and even got the Nair onto my lions mane.

Wellness isn't just about addressing what's going on within.  Sometimes we've got to give the outside a bit of energy as well.

How has your week been?

Have you been looking after yourself?

What do you do to keep yourself looking and feeling fabulous? 

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  1. I need to make more of an effort I think. The days I'm at home I'm really slack. I used to have a rule about at least changing out of my PJs into other comfy clothes - even different PJs! But I haven't done that lately. In fact it's 11am here on Thursday and I'm still in my PJs. I don't need to go out until 6pm tonight but... I need to get my steps up for my fitbit so MAY need to venture out before then!

    I know for me, getting slack about my appearance (well, more so than usual) is one of my 'broken windows' (a sign things aren't going well in my life and a reminder I need to do something about the underlying cause).


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