Thursday, May 11, 2017

Day 2765 - The Lovin Life Linky - The Big Heart Edition

Today I invite you to give your 5 cents worth.

There are winners in this world and there are whiners.

The whiners use their energy to complain about the problems in life where as the winners step up and bloody well do something about it.

Last night I attended the Big Heart Project in Canberra.  It's part of Connie Johnson's last fund raising hurrah for cancer as she bows out of the public eye to live her final days in peace with her family.

To date Connie and her Gold Logie winning brother Samuel, have already raised over $4 million for cancer research.  There ultimate aim is $10 million.

The aim of the Big Heart Project yesterday was to fill a heart 100 metres in circumference with 5 cent pieces to the total of $1 million to add to their fundraising efforts.  If they do this it won't just raise much needed cash to kick cancer's arse, but will also be a world record.

Well, they smashed it.  By the time I'd left the Lyneham Netball Centre at 6.30pm last night the Big Heart was already worth $1.6 million.

This is what $50 worth of 5 cent pieces looks like

Pouring more love into an already full heart

Shining bright this is the tip end of the very Big Heart

The moment I walked into the event I could feel the love.  Surrounded by hundreds of people I couldn't help but tear up as I exchanged my money for 5 cent pieces to add to the pile.

No doubt the Johnson family is feeling a mix of love, happiness, pride and a huge amount of sadness right now.  After years of battling the disease Connie stopped all treatment earlier this year after she received the bad news that the cancer was too advanced to continue the fight.

But Connie is not a whiner.  While the cancer may be cutting her life short she hasn't let it win.  As she says in the "thank you" note we received on leaving last night:

"As I look at this heart growing I realise that we are well on the way, and that this fight will continue long after I'm gone.  One day, maybe next generation, maybe the the one after, our families won't have to live and die with cancer in their lives.  You have given me the peace to relax, step back and enjoy the rest of my days with my family, knowing that this amazing village will continue to fight." 

Connie and Samuel soaking up the love
We all have challenges to fight. Some are bigger than others. We've had an absolute shit year so far if the truth be known.  It's been riddled with challenges and it's almost brought me unstuck. But we can choose to be whiners and complain about it, or we can be winners and turn the challenges into an opportunity for growth. We can make a decision to kick some butt.

Today I'm lovin' that Connie and Samuel are achieving their fundraising goals.

I'm lovin' that so many people stepped up yesterday and attended their event.

I'm lovin' that I got to share in just a little snippet of their journey.

But most of all, I'm lovin' that they're doing what they're doing to help kick cancer's butt.

What are you lovin' about life this week?

Have you been following Connie's journey?

Are you ready to kick some butt?

If you would like to contribute to the Big Heart project you can do so here.

To join the Love Your Sister Village click here.

To follow Connie's blog click here.

To buy Connie and Samuel's book "Love Your Sister" click here. Every sale contributes to cancer research.

Don't forget to check your breasts regularly to get know your breasts.  If you notice any changes see your doctor ASAP.

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Without further ado, it's time for the Lovin' Life Linky.

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  1. I've been a part of the Love Your Sister village for a few years now, following Connie's journey. She is so inspiring and is fighting on bravely. It would have been lovely to be there last night to witness the power of 5c en masse :) xox

  2. I've been following LYS for quite a while, now. I don't know how many tears I've already shed for this wonderful woman and her gorgeous brother, but I just added a few more. And not tears of pity but I just find all they've done for others so moving. What a legacy, by anyone's standards.

  3. What an amazing lady and fund raising initiative!

  4. I was so much int he dark about this event last Night, I didn't know about it until it started to fill my news feed. I could imagine that it was a very moving event, and I'm am definitely getting on to donate and buy the book.

  5. What a beautiful initiative to be a part of, Leanne. Connie is one amazing and beautiful woman.

    SSG xxx

  6. I've followed Love Your Sister for a long time now. I love Connie and Sam. I will be devastated when Connie goes. I am so impressed by the both of them. They are incredible. How special to have been at the Big Heart event. It would have moved me to tears I think. Cancer is such a bitch. Thank goodness for good people fundraising to help win the fight - lovin' that! #TeamLovinLife

  7. Theirs is a fabulous story of love. Cancer is a bitch - & an indiscriminate one at that. But it won't be beaten by whining - rather by fundraising to research cures, early detection & all of the above. Special. #TeamLovinLife

  8. How special to be able to be at such a wonderful fundraising event. So glad they've set the record and broken through their own goals!

  9. It is wonderful to see her brother sticking by her side and helping her raise awareness and money.

  10. What an amazing person. That's a tough gig but what a wonderful thing to achieve.

  11. Inspirational post Leanne and good for you to get down there and be part of this amazing fundraising...and in many ways moral boosting event. It is very sad to watch what is happening to this one young it must be for so many families doing the same. Cancer sucks. I am thinking of you and your step daughter especially and sending all healing vibes and love. Denyse xx

  12. I read that she's raised over a million dollars - heading towards 2 million. What an inspiration she and her brother are and what a kick in the butt to cancer! So glad you got to be a small part of such a fantastic event.

  13. Such an inspiration. A great reminder that no matter how much you have going on, there's always someone that has it worse but still keeps on going.

  14. There certainly are some inspirational people in this world Leanne. You usually find the ones who we would excuse for whining don't because they have an inner strength and don't wear the 'poor me' badge. I've loved her story and especially the involvement of her brother. How wonderful to have raised that amount of money. Excellent x

  15. Wow what an amazing gesture. And what a 'legacy' to leave. You're right, instead of whining we should just stand taller and find solutions or at least ways to make life easier...


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