Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Day 2771 - Wellness Wednesday - The Fit Bit edition

I caved! 

I caved to peer group pressure and requested a Fitbit for Mothers Day.  Actually, it wasn't peer group pressure at all. It was more that I wanted to pressure myself to do my exercise by getting competitive with the people around me.  There is nothing that motivates me more than wanting to smash a few measurable goals and perhaps beat the person next to me in the process.

Anyway, I got a Fitbit and it's still sitting in the box staring at me.  I haven't even tried it on let alone worked out how to use the bloody thing. But I will and then I'll be bragging constantly about how many steps I've been doing.  Because it will magically make we want to exercise and I'll be burning so many calories I'll become a stick figure and you won't be able to see me.

If there's silence then you'll know there's probably nothing to brag about.

Watch this space.

Do you have a Fitbit?

Does counting steps motivate you to exercise?

Do you have a gadget that's still sitting in a box unopened? 


  1. I'm enjoying mine. I think it could be easy to get a bit too obsessed about the numbers and that's something I'm prone to do... but I love the reminder that I need to get up and move on those days I'm at home and tend to spend hours at my desk without moving!

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