Friday, May 19, 2017

Day 2773 - How to wear perfume if you are sensitive to smells

Do you wear perfume?

As a migraine sufferer I can be sensitive to smells.  Cigarette smoke, for example, can cause me an instant headache that leads to vomiting fairly quickly.  Walking through the original casinos in Fremont Street, Vegas (which don't have the good air control) had me racing to the nearest toilet with "head in the hands" pain and vomiting.

Being in a room full of dressed up ladies wearing their favourite scents can also cause me some significant nasal irritation.  Especially if those scents have been over sprayed.

Because of these sensitivities I don't wear much perfume.  I love the idea of perfume, but in practice it just doesn't bode well for me.

Having said that I have had my favourites over the years.

I was a big fan of Georgio Beverly Hills and Elizabeth Arden's 5th Avenue.  I also quite liked Calvin Klein's Eternity and Versace's Red Jeans Woman.  Yes, I'm showing my age.

Recently as the Hubster travelled home from New Zealand he asked what perfume I might like from Duty Free.  I umm'ed and aah'ed and then decided to go for something I've never had before.  Strangely enough I chose my new perfume based on the name.  Which is how I ended up with Clinique's "Happy".

So how does someone who is sensitive to smells wear perfume?

Wear your perfume on your back!

I spray mine on the back of my head/hair and on the back of my shirt. This means it's not going up my nose all day but I still smell nice to other people. 

According to some perfume specialists, "spraying on hair and fabric is a better plan in any case as the oils sink into the structure of the fibres and take longer to evaporate" (Greatist, December 2015). Perhaps best not to spray on silk and other delicate fabrics though.

Choose a light fragrance.

People with fragrance "allergies" can smell things at lower levels than others, so finding nice light perfumes is the key for someone who gets headaches from smells.

Perhaps go with the "Eau de cologne".

According to Total Beauty, "Eau de cologne" is the least potent version of perfume which works better for those who are sensitive to smells.

Do you wear perfume?

What's your favourite?

Anyone else get headaches from smells? 

What are you perfume tips? 


  1. Perfumes tend to make my throat very scratchy & give me a headache. I spray my ankles - problem solved. One of my friends thought that rather saucy for some reason.

  2. I wore Clinique Happy for years and loved it! When I say "years" I mean I had one bottle and it took me years to get through it because I'm not a big perfume person. Mostly for the reason you mentioned, I don't want to be "that person" who has bathed in it and drives everyone crazy.
    Mr M bought me Bamboo by Gucci for Christmas and I like spritzing that one on every now and then.

  3. Clinique used to have a different perfume that I loved (maybe the aromatics one?) My favourite perfume is the now defunct Dali. I buy all the stock if I find it anywhere (alas that's pretty rare...duty free in strange airports...)

  4. Yes I love having a signature scent. Mine is always a Dior Poison scent.

  5. My mum wears Estee Lauder Youth Dew and it's so strong, you can smell her a mile away. I think it would have you running for the bathroom! I love wearing a bit of scent and Marc Jacobs Daisy is my current favourite, so lovely and light!

  6. Yes, I have tried Clinique Happy Cologne for men. I have searched a couple of reviews and ratings of this perfume from different blog and fragrance review sites. I think Clinique Happy Cologne gives better performance than Clinique happy for women, though both are really good fragrance. Thanks for sharing this post.

  7. Fragrance oils are slightly different to essential oils. Fragrance oils are often a combination of both natural and synthetic fragrances creating a unique blend of scents.


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