Monday, May 22, 2017

Day 2776 - The post where I confess to knowing very little about geography

Confession:  I suck at geography

When it comes to geography I only ever did the minimum requirements at school.  I never chose it as an elective and can't even remember if/when I may have studied it as a subject on its own. Which means I'm not very good at knowing where places are in our world.

I've always been an avid reader but even reading doesn't help me piece together where each country sits on our planet.  Which is probably why I steer clear of books about spies, espionage and wars. The moment characters start hopping from country to country I'm completely lost and overwhelmed.  My brain shuts down. The book gets put back on the shelf never to be opened again.

It wasn't until I first travelled to the USA at the age of 21 that I realised geography for me is better experienced in real life.  Catching the Greyhound bus up and down the east coast of America meant I got to fully understand where each state sat.  When I headed back at the age of 26 with Derek and my parents driving west to east, I again got to live the jigsaw by embedding each piece into my brain forever.

When it comes to some things, if I'm going to learn it, I need to live it.

Don't ask me to explain how one would get from Italy, to Greece, to Spain to France.  Never been there, therefore I have no idea of their size or proximity.

As I sit and write this post I stare at the globe on our coffee table and try to absorb some of the information staring back at me.  I'm focusing on Poland, Germany, Belarus and the Ukraine and my eyes have glazed over.  Belarus? What the hell is Belarus? Never heard of it ...

I would make a great travel agent if I could just send everyone to the USA. But beyond that if you asked me to take you from China to India I'd probably make you circumnavigate the globe to get there (when apparently they're right next door to each other - who knew?)

When my daughter first started talking about possibly accepting a contract to Seoul I was picturing Korea to be an island all on its own split in two (north and south) much like New Zealand. I know Korea is in Asia but only just this minute did I find it way up high near Japan and attached to China. I thought the whole North Korea thing was scary enough when Korea was an island all to itself and north and south were separated, but now that I can see that it is nestled in between Japan and China and actually attached to South Korea I'm not feeling too good about any of it.

So yeah, I suck at geography.

I think I should start doing something about that. Perhaps the only way to fix it is to live it!

I'd better start saving, hey?

Did you do geography at school?

What sort of travel agent would you make?

How do you learn best?


  1. I am horrible at geography. When we were kids my brothers and I would pull down the Atlas from the bookshelf so that we could look up the countries in Eurovision. We'd have no clue with some of them. And I'm still horrible. Don't ask me the capital of any US state or where it is. I have no idea.

  2. I'd be an ACE travel agent but I do need the map to work it out...

  3. Geography was not one of my strengths either Leanne but travelling has certainly helped. Maybe I need to keep travelling - a good excuse LOL:) Have a great week.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  4. I did study Geography early in the peace but it's so long ago now that I really can't remember any of it. And I haven't traveled, so yeah - hopeless! Hope you're packing your bags soon x

  5. I 'know' something about geography as whether countries are 'east, west, north or south' of us. Well, not many are south. But when it comes to naming some of the African nations and those in Russia where there have been wars and changes of all kinds then I use my desk atlas. What is that you ask!? They are at Officeworks for a few dollars and they are on my art desk and the one where I am writing now. The Map I have here is Australia, the other is the map of the world. So very handy and in full view...suggest a little shopping trip might be helpful. D. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 21/52 and next week's prompt is Hobbies.

  6. I loved geography at school but on reflection what we learnt was very limited and very much empire related I suspect. Like you I am definitely an experiential learner when it comes to geography, but perhaps that's just my excuse to travel more.

  7. I was actually pretty good at geography in school. But that was in school... I have no idea how much of that I've retained over the years. I feel like the answer would be very little!

  8. I studied geography at school but always found it difficult to absorb. I'm pretty hopeless over all at geography unfortunately, so I don't think I'd make a good travel agent at all (I've never even been out of Australia!)

  9. The Mediterranean was always just a blur to me - I had no ideas what countries surrounded it - until we actually went there two years ago. Definitely learned by visiting!

  10. I love travelling and seeing other countries but hated geography at school! Definitely liked History better


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