Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Day 2784 - Put your hand up ... or shut up.

Let's choose solutions instead, ey? 

I'm not much into whining.  Well sometimes I am ... but mostly I'm not.

Which is why I find it hard to deal with people who are constantly pointing out the problems and not much into helping find the solutions.

I recently came across a man who was having a bit of a whinge about how volunteers were handling the processes within one of our local community organisations. An organisation for which I volunteer. 

Key words here: volunteers and community.

In fact, he reduced one of the volunteers to tears as he loudly and firmly made suggestions on how the organisation should be run.

I wasn't privy to the entire conversation otherwise I would have stepped in in person and taken the conversation down a different path.  It wasn't until he'd left that she started to cry and made me aware of the direction the discussion took.

So once he'd gone and I'd discovered the extent to which he'd reprimanded our volunteer I decided to phone him.

Yes, I had his contact details as the family is registered with the club.

He didn't answer so I left a voice message. I kindly thanked him for his feedback and suggested he might like to send a solutions based email to me so that I could take it to the executive for review.  I also suggested that perhaps in future it was best not to take out his frustrations on our volunteers but to use that energy to value add via the appropriate channels.  Then I suggested that when he emailed me it would be great if he could leave his contact information because we'd love to add him to our volunteer list for next year and would welcome him on board as a project manager.

The bottom line is we have two choices in life. We can whine about the problems or we can find ways to be part of the solutions.  

One wastes energy and fuels negativity and the other changes that energy into knowledge, which in turn switches to power,which then creates unlimited possibilities.  

Yes, we're all busy and most of us don't have time to put up our hand to help out.  But one of the biggest problems we have in this world is that we believe that it's somebody else's job to fix it.

So today I simply want to say put your hand up, or shut up.

Thanks for listening.  


  1. Agreed. I remember getting spoken to like that when I was volunteering somewhere and I was really pissed off by it. Even more so when the place I was volunteering didn't see a problem with it.

    I have so many stories about this right now but they're all work related so I don't share them. It frustrates me when people won't see or discuss solutions though. Wishing the problem didn't exist isn't a solution.

  2. Oh yes. So true. I think it is happening more these days in situations with volunteers. Are we getting too busy to even note that volunteers are there giving both time and energy?? I have volunteered in the past and I have left each of the situations because of a lack of appreciation and respect. My hub has found that in his roles too and in fact, was so over-used in his capacity with one organisation, he was on the road transporting people to cancer treatments from 8.00 am to 5.00 with NO breaks at all. Ridiculous. I hope that your situation works out or you leave...they will miss you but I cannot abide over-use of good people... I feel for you (and the lady you helped) Denyse x

  3. Oh yes, definitely. Some people will whinge and moan about anything and everything just because. Highly frustrating and oh so rude. I hope your phone message gave this guy a wake up call. #teamIBOT

  4. Oh, how bloody rude! People love a good whinge but rarely want to put their money where their mouth is! Good on you for sticking it to him.

  5. Did he get back to you with, enthused about volunteering? I find it's always those who complain the loudest who back away the fastest when asked to help.

  6. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS POST!!! The Builder and I have been volunteering for many years in the kids sporting clubs, and this year chose to take a break such was the impact of the constant whinging!! I cannot believe how selfish and self absorbed some people are. Great post, thank you for sharing but also for putting this person in their place.

  7. I'd be interested to know if he got back to you and was keen to pitch in because in my experience, people like this are all talk and no action! Grrr!


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