Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Day 2785 - Wellness Wednesday - Why I love my FitBit

It's official - I'm a Fitbit convert.

Usually when there's a craze that everyone is doing I avoid it.  Just because I hate getting on the band wagon.

I refuse to have an iPhone because apparently you've got to have an iPhone.  I have never read the Harry Potter series because apparently you've got to read the Harry Potter series.  I don't watch Game of Thrones because apparently you've got to watch Game of Thrones.  So even though I'd bought both my parents and the two kids FitBits, I refused to get one myself because apparently you've got to get a FitBit.

Then as I sat at my desk day in and day out lacking the motivation to exercise I decided that perhaps I should consider getting myself a "coach".  Someone or something to kick me in the butt wrist and push me out the front door.

As you know I got my FitBit for Mothers Day.  I sat staring at it for a week or so and then finally worked up the courage to form a relationship with it.

We've been together ever since.

My FitBit travels with me, works with me, walks with me, eats with me and even sleeps with me. Sometimes it needs to spend time alone to recharge and on those days I feel lost without it.

I'm devastated when I forget to put it on after a shower and then go shopping without it.  The FitBit loves to shop! So much incidental exercise as I walk up and down the supermarket aisles.

Recently I worked up over 8000 steps just sorting uniforms for the local soccer club.  Walking from the socks box to the shorts box to the jersey box and back again really adds a few K's to your day.

A few weeks ago instead of dropping the model daughter at Carriageworks for Fashion Week I suggested we park at Broadway and walk there instead as I needed the K's.

Last Tuesday as I sat on a couch at Carla Zampatti waiting for my girl to finish her work day the FitBit told me I still had 2000 steps to go until I reached my goal. So I walked to Pitt Street Mall and back choosing the long route and rejoiced as my FitBit congratulated me via a buzzing little arm party.

On Sunday the FitBit gently hinted that I'd been immobile for too long (lying on the couch will do that) so I put on my sneakers and went for a quick wander with the dogs.

Yesterday while in Sydney filling in time, I set up my mobile office in the food court at Broadway.  About 90 minutes into my work day my FitBit gave me a kick in the wrist and said "go, go, go!"  So I did.  I packed up my laptop, put it in the car then proceeded to walk around Sydney University for the next 45 minutes.

When I checked into my hotel yesterday afternoon the FitBit said I needed to do 120 in ten minutes. I had no idea what that meant but proceeded to jog up and down on the spot until my wrist started to buzz and another arm party began.

Right now as I type the FitBit is asking me if I'd like to go for a stroll.  After spending 3 hours in the car driving home from Sydney and now sitting in front of a screen, perhaps a stroll is a mighty fine idea.

The bottom line is the FitBit gets me moving.  It encourages me to make better choices and choose more active options.

The FitBit holds me accountable.  By setting up my health and fitness goals it does what all good coaches should do and asks me how I'm going, gently shoves me when I'm immobile and cheers me on when I reach my milestones.

The FitBit also has a support system.  You can set up groups with friends who are at similar fitness levels as yourself so that you're part of a health and wellness group even if you don't see each other face-to-face.

Apparently the FitBit also does clever things like encourages better food choices and helps you track your water consumption for good hydration.  I haven't looked into that side of things yet, but rest assured I will.

Best of all the FitBit isn't hard to use.  It's any easy to manage system and you can adjust your goals in line with where you're currently at it life.  It doesn't judge you or scream at you when you have a dodgy day.  It simply encourages you to think about your choices.

And that's why I love my FitBit! 

Because when it comes to health and fitness, we could all use a good kick in the butt wrist.  


  1. I've got my Fitbit linked to my My Fitness Pal app, so if I'm entering my calories (and water) into MFP it syncs with my Fitbit app and they update each other (my steps are added into MFP). Having said that I'm not necessarily using MFP to track calories every day at the moment.

    I love my Fitbit for the same reason. I'm not an avid exerciser so it's making sure I'm getting my incidental exercise in all day.

  2. I'm wondering if it would help me get moving too. I have a pedometer on my phone but don't tend to carry it around the house or yard when doing things so it doesn't count all my steps ...


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