Thursday, June 1, 2017

Day 2786 - The Lovin Life Linky - The positive aspects of Instagram edition

What are you lovin' about life this week?

My Instagram feed from the last 7 days
They say that Instagram can give a false sense of reality with photos that are often staged and showing an unachievable sense of perfection.

I prefer to think of it as an exercise in focus, positivity and perspective.

Instagram for me is a haven in which I can look at the world through rose coloured square shaped glasses.  It's where I park the ridiculously real challenges at the door and instead look at the lovely things that are right in front of me.

My Instagram is a window showing my "lovin' life" view at that moment.

The view I've been enjoying this week includes:

  • A quick peek at Vivid from the southern pylon of the Harbour Bridge 
  • An outing with my daughter as her "plus one"
  • Flicking through travel magazines as I marvel at all that Australia has to offer
  • An overnight stay at a new hotel
  • A lovely lunch with a bloggy pal
  • A wander through Sydney University as I do what my FitBit tells me
  • Savouring the velvety taste of macarons
  • Finding more pockets of watery perfection in the greater Sydney area
  • Always having a warm bed "B&B style" at my parents house
What my Instagram doesn't show is that the model daughter fainted at a photo shoot, or that our boy is having challenges at school, or that the big grown up girl had the surgery that removed yet another sarcoma and is now hobbling about with a blood and gunk filled drainage bag.  

Instagram allows me to remember that despite the challenges there's still a lot to be happy about.  

What's your view been like this week?

Are you wearing your rose coloured square shaped glasses?

What does Instagram mean to you?

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Without further ado, it's time for the Lovin' Life Linky.

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  1. It's interesting. I've been involved in 2 places in conversations about negative people on FB, where I've felt it's okay and you need to reach out to them, and most people unfriended or ignored (and complained about them). I was really quite astounded by it. Instagram on the other hand, because I tend to only look at the pictures, not the words, I want far away places or colourful images, or art. It's my smiles or smiling at other people's world. Weird, I'd never really thought about it before....hmmm. I guess i have a more real interaction with people on FB and on Insta I just randomly click heart on any ol' persons pic...

  2. Your instagram feed is always gorgeous Leanne. I agree that it's a way of focusing on a positive part of your day, but I think it's important to realise that life is so much more than what you see on instagram. You have a lot going on at the moment Leanne. Take care of yourself xox :) #TeamLovinLife

  3. I've been loving Sydney's Vivid this week too! So magically pretty!


  4. I think it's like the highlight reel for many. Still definitely worth a look just don't be fooled into thinking it's the reality. Hope both the daughters are doing ok xx

  5. There's a deeper story behind every picture isn't there Leanne. Thank you for sharing yours. It's a good reminder that there is much that lies behind the pictures of perfection that grace our screens!

  6. I love Instagram! It's a platform which mostly brings out the best in social media for me. I love catching up on the lives of people I know in real life as well as through blogging on IG.

    SSG xxx

  7. Insta is my favourite social media platform by far. For me it's not so much about posting just the best of life, but rather those minutes or seconds that make you feel something. I never look at other people's pics & think their life is perfect - but rather enjoy their posts for the life that's in that photo at that second. #TeamLovinLife

  8. I've been feeling better about my health, weight, fitness etc so it means - for me - I feel better about life in general. Or perhaps it works the other way around... if I'm feeling less positive about life I adopt unhealthy habits....

  9. I like the expression 'square shaped view' of our world. I like IG for its sharing and connecting. However, I found my account hacked recently so lost those 400+ pics (they're still on my phone) and comments as a result. Normally I have my account on private but for a few hours I did not. Now I have my new account happening I like to vet who is part of my viewing world and generally want to be part of theirs. So, I guess in one way I am curating my life (as it now is more challenged) for some extra support which always comes and also for others to check out how I am going. I get a real kick out of others' pics but like some words too. No point putting a pic up with no info for me anyway. Gosh I hope your days goes well with caring for your stepdaughter. Take care of you too wont you!

  10. They do say that social media does give a false impression of people's lives and can sometimes even make you feel inadequate because your life does not seem as exciting as others. Instagram is my favourite social media because I'm a keen photographer and love to show off all of my travel photos and also look at other people's photos. It think it is perfectly healthy to dream a little and look at beautiful things even if there is other distractions in your life. It is a form of escapism. :)

  11. A wise blogging friend said I use Instagram more like snapchat, I show good and bad. But that's kind of how I blog too. Frankly I unfollow the excessively styled accounts because I'd rather see the people and their lives, not stock photos.

  12. I enjoy Instagram but do feel pressured at times to only post "perfect" pics, using carefully chosen colours etc that make my feed look coordinated. Like Vanessa, I try to avoid and unfollow the excessively styled accounts, I want to #keepitreal!

  13. I enjoy Instagram and as long as I remember the filtering, editing etc that goes into those 'perfect' photos, it's all good!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  14. I've never looked at IG - I feel so swamped by social media as it is - I don't tweet either. I think the acknowledgement of it being the pretty highlights of life is a good one. Nobody has a perfect life and we all know that underneath, but it's hard when all you see is the beautiful and perfect. I'm dealing with my daughter being angry at me because of my blog post that was too real for her - but I refuse to paint the perfect picture and pretending life is all rainbows and butterflies - sigh! Hope your girls are improving (and your son's school stuff too)

  15. I love Instagram. I hear the term *highlight reel* when it comes to social media, including Instagram but it's said in a negative way. I think of it more in a positive way in that we highlight the things that have made us happy or feel positive. Like you, I prefer to look upon it with positivity. We all know that life has crap and challenges in it too but we don't want to focus on that in social media, we want to be uplifted and kept in a positive space. Well that's how I feel anyway. Hope the biggest girl is well again soon and the surgery is the success that is hoped for! #TeamLovinLife

  16. I love and hate Instagram. I love how it serves as a memory feed, almost like a photo album of all the good things that have happened, and although I try to keep it real, it does show the glossy side of life and not the humdrum. You have a lot going on - take care x

  17. I get caught up in the IG at times...and other times it seems like way too much work.
    I'm glad your daughter seems to be doing well after the surgery--although a photo of her bag might break Instagram...ha ha!

  18. I really like Instagram, yes I realise that it not always real life, but sometimes that's all I want a bit of positivity to get me through the day. Plus I love the " stories" feature of it!

  19. I always enjoy your Instagram pics Leanne and I really like this form of social media. This week mine was about spending the day at Lone Pine Sanctuary with my grandson Ethan. To me it is a lovely way to look back and remember. I also enjoy the positive and encouraging posts I see.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond


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