Monday, June 5, 2017

Day 2790 - What's the view like where you're sitting right now?

Let's share our views

What's the view like where you're sitting right now?

As you read this, take a look around you.  As you look forward, what do you see?  Look up. To the left.  To the right.  Now turn around, what is behind you?

When you look are you focussing on objects close to you or are you more interested in what's in the distance?

This could be a post about vision.  I could start chatting about short sightedness versus long sightedness and how glasses make you look 10 x smarter. I could go deeper and wax lyrical about visualisation, short term goals and long term dreams.

But really this post is just about what you can see right now.  Your view right this minute.  There's nothing metaphorical about it (as much as I'm tempted I just don't have the energy today).

What I see is flesh painted acrylic nails on a keyboard. A scrap of paper with a note in black Artline that says "fees, uniform, letter" and another scrap of paper with "view from here".  I see the screen in front of me with my words magically appearing to the sound of my acrylics tapping. I see a pathology form for the model daughter, an envelope waiting to house a set of keys, some unopened bank statements and a Cheer Chick Charlie coffee mug.  There's a pile of business cards of people I met once, there's a magnet with the phone number for the National Home Doctor Service, a calculator and an old digital camera that used to be so important to me before the Samsung phone arrived.

Above my computer screen are canvasses and signs telling me to believe in myself, that dreams can come true and "yes" is the word I should be using as "no" is sooooo 10 years ago.

To my left there is a pile of paper, books and folders. It's an in-tray of sorts but really it's just a disorganised pile of stuff I've just shoved to the side.  The latest Charlie book, diary pages for our coast house rentals, receipts, my FitBit box, kids assignments, my postage log, more unopened bank statements, a folder of computer instructions, handwritten notes reminding me of my soccer duties, Cheer Kids Magazine pages, prescriptions, my diary and an information sheet on whether or not you should use antihistamines for itchy dogs.

To my right is my stapler, hard drive, Dymo label printer, a pile of books, another computer screen and my mouse.  Beside my desk is my shelves that house the folders and files for my organised self.

If I look hard right I can see the doors to my balcony.  At dawn all I see is blackness but in an hour or so I will be able to look over the roofs of the houses in my suburb from my second storey perch across to the Brindabella Mountains in the distance.  In another month there may be snow on their peaks.

Due to the wonders of the swivel chair I can turn around and see my brown lounge suite with perfectly plumped cushions.  There's a fire place to the left and and world globe to the right.  My husband's desk sits at the far side of the room with a Foosball table in one corner.

That's what the view looks like where I'm sitting right now.

I'm not going to turn this post into anything other than what it is.  An exercise in looking at what's around us.

Really looking.

What's the view like where you're sitting right now?

What do you see?


  1. We don't actually look at what is around us do we Leanne? I'm glad you kept your post to the facts rather than a metaphorical one. I'm looking at a messy desk but when I look up I see photos of my husband and I on various travels, I have a jar of positive thoughts on my desk to the right and a photo album to my left. Even though my desk needs a tidy up I have wonderful memories surrounding me. Have a beautiful week Leanne.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  2. Yes we so very often look but don't see...I'm seeing a cute little puppy...

  3. I'm sitting in a bus looking at my iPad and ignoring the crawling peak hour Sydney traffic surrounding the bus!


  4. It's kind of why I don't have a picture of my mum hanging or framed in my apartment. I don't want her to become one of those things that I just glance over and don't really see. Sounds weird, I know.
    I see an orchid in front of me, that I don't know how to look after, a bunch of catalogues, my glasses that I should be wearing, the family calendar to the right of me, a half-clean kitchen to the left and a window behind me, through which I can hear some kids playing.

  5. You've reminded me (as has Denyse with her topic) to take a look around. I was up early and came into my study with my diet coke and brownies and worked on a book review. I 'could' have complained that it was too early to be up on my day off but in reality it's been really lovely. The sun's shining outside and it's getting warmer AND I've finished a book review much earlier than I thought I would!

  6. 'Really looking'. I like that. I don't do it as often as I should.

    SSG xxx

  7. Ahead of me behind this laptop is my work laptop, waiting for me to complete a spreadsheet. On the wall in front of me are 2 ink drawings coloured in watercolour, and 3 photos of fave places in MZ. On the desk is an acrylic block with a photo of the glasshouse mountains with jacarandas in the foreground (my mother's day pressie) and to the right is a full length window looking out to the pool, our outdoor area & blue blue sky. In the corner behind me is a snoring cocker spaniel.

  8. I'm sitting at my desk in the rumpus, it's placed in front of the window and behind the lounge so I have a view of the whole room. I see the TV and entertainment unit in front of me, with an old school clock ticking on the wall above. To my left, I see a bookshelf of books, a row of photos of family on top of that and I can see above that through to the kitchen. In front of me, I have my laptop with the missing H key (so annoying!), a lamp, mouse & mouse pad, magazines, mobile phone, TV remote and desk caddy. I also see a whole pile of tissues and harry Potter DVDs on the coffee table (thanks to my eldest daughter). Through the sliding door to my right I see our back deck through to the bush view beyond. There's a reason I write in this room and not in the cold and uncomfortable study!

  9. I'm looking out my window at a beautiful end to a gorgeous day - shared with our visiting son, DIL and grandbaby. My heart is full and I'm happy - you can't ask for much more than that can you?

  10. I am glad I set this prompt...and your take on it is just wonderful. What do I see from where I am sitting? I see a noticeboard with loving cards and pics from my grandkids, I see my cameras sitting on a shelf above the computer, I see various pieces of my art work stuck on backs of the office desk hutch and I see the map of Australia that is my desk blotter where my keyboard sits. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 23/52. Next week: Public Holidays.


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