Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day 2798 - What's your all time favourite ice-cream?

Where did all the chocolate chip go?

When I was a kid we usually had vanilla or choc-chip ice cream in the house.  Choc-chip was by far my fave.  

To make the vanilla more exciting I'd sprinkle Milo on top or if I was really lucky, there might be some Ice Magic lurking in the cupboard.
When it was on special Mum would bring home the totally decadent "toffee crunch".  Try as I might I can't find any reference to it via Professor Googs at all.  I remember it being in rectangular tub with a mix of vanilla and toffee flavours and little balls of chocolate coated biscuit scattered through it.

Anyway, my ponderings about "toffee crunch" got me to thinking about my favourite ice creams of all time.  As I look over my list it seems my choices are less about the taste and more about the feeling of comfort and of being "home".

1. Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

I really loved chocolate chip, but it seems it's very hard to come by these days.  It would appear that all the ice cream companies have switched out their choc-chip for cookies n cream instead.

Where did all the chocolate chip go? Did the cookies n cream eat it?

2.  Chocolate Peanut Butter

When I first hit the USA in 1991 I was introduced to chocolate peanut butter ice cream by my bestie. America loves peanut butter and will find a place for it anywhere.  Including in the freezer.  Every time I head back to Pennsylvania I know there is chocolate peanut butter ice cream in my future.

3.  Ice Cream Sandwich

Another American favourite is the good ol' ice cream sandwich.  Again, I first discovered it when I was living with my bestie's parents back in 1991 and I seem to recall they had individual packets of ice cream rectangles in the freezer that you then put between two chocolate wafers (but I may be wrong - were they already made up into the sandwich like they are today?)

4.  Golden Gaytime

The Golden Gaytime reminds me of family trips as we would often grab ice creams at the servo when on the road.  My parents would always get the Chocolate Heart and I would always get a Golden Gaytime.  Always.

5.  Magnum

In more recent times I can safely say that the Magnum is a fave. Of course it's a taste sensation but I love it more because of what it means to me.  I was completely addicted to craving the Magnum Ego when I was preggas with the lad which seems to have transferred to him and could possibly account for him loving ice cream as much as I do.  Whenever Magnums are on special at the supermarket I'll buy a few boxes in a variety of flavours to see my boy's eyes light up.

What's your all time favourite ice cream?

Where did all the chocolate chip go? 

Does anyone else remember the toffee crunch with the little round chocolate balls through it? 

PS - Have I written this post before? I am getting a serious case of deja vu.  Perhaps my ponderings of long lost ice cream love have just been happening for longer than I realise. 


  1. I love gaytimes - I don't get the whole magnam thing!

  2. If I'm feeling really indulgent, you can't go past a magnum ego! As a kid, I loved mint choc chip :)

  3. Sadly I cannot eat ice cream, I have a dairy allergy. When we were kids we were lucky to have ice cream once a week, my kids are much the same. Only on Sundays are they allowed such a treat. (I sound like such a harsh mum :()

  4. I'm not a big ice cream fan but when I like one, I really like it! My current go-to is the coles little tub of chocolate brownie ice cream.

  5. Ahhhhh well if it comes to buying icecream for home - I love good 'ol Vanilla! If out and about and buying icecream in a cone - I love Macadamia Nut. If buying an iceblock, I love Drumsticks and Hava Hearts! Yum! :-)

  6. Magnums all the way. The white chocolate ones or almond. Yum!!

  7. I always liked a golden gaytime and can scarcely believe that they have made that a flavour in a drumstick?What were they thinking. I am not a huge ice-cream fan but like a bit of nut with the choc too.

  8. Oooh, why must I read this when I've resolved to eat healthy this week!! Ice cream tastes so good. Cookies and cream is delicious, but I also love mint ice cream (my husband strongly dislikes that flavour, so more for me!)

  9. I love the connoisseur ice creams and all the decadent flavours (which my three year old inexplicably likeS)

  10. Now that's a good question. Where did the chocolate chip go? I love most ice creams, but my faves would have to be anything with caramel through it, mint choc chip and melon gelato.

  11. I loved Norco chocolate chip as a kid as they used chocolate logs (little chocolate logs) instead of flakes etc so there was more chocolate. I loved Milo on ice cream as well.

    Sadly very few ice creams are gluten-free so I haven't bought / eaten any in ages but I love all of the new flavours you can get (like salted caramel!).

  12. I love choc chip ice cream too but you're right, I haven't seen it around that much however cookies and cream is everywhere. One of my favs would have to be a Maxibon!

  13. Nuts about Chocolate ... fudgy, nutty, yummy ... I've only found it in a couple of IGA's, but not the one near me. Which is perhaps just as well!!!!


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