Monday, June 19, 2017

Day 2804 - What was your first live concert?

If you're gonna do it, do it right ... 

I'll never forget my first concert.  My first REAL concert.

Forget the Leo Sayer concert I accompanied my parents to.  I'm talking about a concert I wanted to go to where the music pumped through my veins and the singers made me go weak at the knees.

 My very first concert was Wham back in 1985.

I was in year 10 and four of us headed to Sydney to drool over our pop idols.  Three of the girls wanted George, but I wanted Andrew (in all his tartan glory).

I was one of these hopeless teens who had a "photo" of him cut from a magazine sitting in a frame by my bedside.

It's possible I also had his hair cut.  Complete with perm to give my hair the extra "lift" it needed.

Their concert was held at the Entertainment Centre in Sydney.  I recall the wonder and excitement as we joined the thousands of people who flowed through the doors.

I can even tell you what I wore because I agonised over it for weeks in the lead up.  Lemon yellow 3/4 skinny jeans (with side zips), white t-shirt and matching lemon yellow sleeveless "denim" jacket.

As the music started pumping so did my adrenalin causing my body to shake in blissful anticipation.

The moment they appeared on stage I thought I was going to die. Yes, I was a screamer and I screamed the house down as the first few bars rang out across the stadium and engulfed me in teen spirit.

My love affair with Wham was relatively short lived and didn't quite stand the test of time the same way Prince and INXS have (yes, I've seen them both in concert too ... twice).  But I will always be grateful to them for giving me my first real concert experience.

What was your first live concert?

Anyone else get tickets to their 1985 Australian tour?

Were you team George or team Andrew?

(Anyone too young to even know who Wham is?) 


  1. Snap! Mine too. In fact, I just finished commenting on Denyse's post that I can still see Andrew Ridgely's tartan coat & how I wanted one just like it - & there it your pic.

  2. Oh! Wake me up before you Go! Go! I loved that and I don't mind saying it LOL:) It wasn't my first concert I think mine was Status Quo a bit before your time.

  3. We need photos of that outfit! I never really knew what the fuss was when it came to 80s boy groups. I was such a weird teenager. Nothing's changed! LOL In light of George Michael's passing it makes it even more special that you were there.

  4. Loved a little bit of Wham back in my day too - my first concert was Sherbert - I was madly in love with Garth Porter and had his picture on the back of my bedroom door (ahhh to be so young!)

  5. LOVED Wham (even at my age!) and have the old video "wake me up" downloaded on my phone as I taught loads of kids some morning fitness routines to that song "wake me up before you go go" in a western sydney primary school in 1983 or 4. Thanks for linking up today for #lifethisweek 25/52. Next Week: Halfway Review 2017.

  6. That outfit sounds awesome! I'd wear it today. As for Wham, they're a little before my time but I can appreciate the feeling of excitement to see your fave band AND feeling the base and drums beat in your chest.

  7. My first concert was AC/DC in 95, Adelaide Entertainment Centre. It was epic! I wore baggy black jeans and some kind of cropped tee. It was the 90s, after all.


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