Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Day 2805 - Whale watching at Jervis Bay

It's time to go wild. 

One of my bucket list items has been to go on a whale watching tour.  I've seen whales from a distance from cliff tops, but never close enough to actually feel their presence.

When my daughter put her pen down after her final year 12 exam last week, I wondered what we could do to celebrate.  With the whales currently wandering down the east coast of Australia and her forever love and support of all things marine, whale watching seemed like the most obvious choice. The fact that it's on my bucket list is simply a bonus.

I've been chatting to Lydia C Lee over at Where The Wild Things Were about whale watching in Sydney and she said the whales are there right now.

So my first thought was to head to the Big Smoke.

But with last Friday being the only day we could do it as a family I wasn't keen to head into all that rain that Sydney had forecast.

So instead we headed to Jervis Bay.

We spent 2.5 hours in a fairly intimate boat that seats around 20 guests at a time.  It took us out through the Bay to the open waters near Point Perpendicular.

Much of our time was spent watching the water expectantly waiting for something to appear while we listened to the commentary about Jevis Bay, whales, the history and previous experiences.

We learned how to read the water for the whales "footprint" so that we could be ready when something did actually rise from the waters.

As you are probably aware, boats need to stay 100 metres from these amazing creatures to give them the space they need to exist comfortably around people.

However, if the whale chooses to approach a boat and shorten that space, then guests can be lucky enough to really get up close and personal.

There were seven whales in our presence last Friday with their humps and tails making regular appearances all around us. It was hard to capture it on film but occasionally we got lucky which means I can now share our experience with you.

Jervis Bay is only 2.5 hours north east from Canberra or 2.5 hours south east from Sydney. They have a couple of whale watching providers to choose from.  It's well known as a humpback whale haven plus it has a regular pod of dolphins and you might also spot a few seals.

We chose Jervis Bay Wild for our adventure and we were not disappointed. The cost was $65 per adult or $28 for children up to 14 years.

The humpback whales tend to be cruising up and down the east coast from May until October.  While there may be some vantage points on land, I can totally recommend paying the money for a boat to really get a feel for just how magnificent these giants of the sea actually are.

Have you ever gone whale watching?

What's the most magnificent marine creature you've ever seen?

How would you celebrate your child's end of year 12? 

For those of you wondering how on Earth my girl has managed to finish her schooling mid year, we have an option in the ACT to fast track our accredited students.  As she will not be sitting the end of year exams to receive an ATAR she has worked hard to earn extra credits so she can finish school early and get her chosen post-school career path started. 


  1. Do all students finish Yr12 mid year there or is it something Miss T fast-tracked?

    I've not been whale watching here (and Hervey Bay likes to think it IS the whale-watch capital of Australia) since the 1990s but it's on my list every year. I usually baulk at the price but had a lovely evening out on a boat the other night for a friend's birthday so must do it this year as it's on my bucket list as well!

    1. Ahh Deb, you did not read my fine print? Perhaps I needed to do it in bigger print for us Deep Fried folk. Miss T chose the fast-track option which is available to accredited students.

  2. In September last year, The Builder and I escaped for a well earned rest to Coolangatta for a long weekend, it just happened to coincide with the Whales migrating by. It was such a thrill to sit on the balcony of our room and what many of them playing in the water. I have not done this from the water yet, although it is high on my list.

  3. Wow, how amazing to see 7 Whales. Whale watching is on my bucketlist I might need to bump it up the list after reading this!

  4. So awesome! We went whale watching once but only saw dolphins!

  5. I've never been whale watching but I have been lucky enough to have seen dolphins on a cruise - magical!

  6. Wow! This must have been an unforgettable experience!

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    Assignment Help Service had an exquisite night out on a pontoon a few evenings ago for a companion's birthday so should do it this year as it's on my basin list too!

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