Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Day 2806 - Wellness Wednesday - the bike bum edition

Do you suffer from Bike Bum?

What is bike bum?

Well it's the term we Aussies use for being "saddle sore".  Basically it's the chafing and general bum soreness around your nether regions that's suffered from riding a bike.

Now I don't ride 100km or anything freaky.  But even a simple 5k ride will mean that the next time I sit on a bike I feel as though every bone in my bum is broken. I've written about it quite a bit in the past.

As I start to up my exercise and include regular bike riding, I thought it might be time to ask Professor Googs how to alleviate this unpleasant side effect.

According to Bicycling Life  the "ouch my butt hurts" side of biking is very common.  They suggest some quick fix remedies such as:

  • Standing up to ride (hmmm ... would would have thought of that?)
  • Adjusting the tilt of the bike seat until the widest part of the saddle supports your sit bones
  • Lubrication in the event of chafing or friction burns
  • Wearing appropriate clothing for least friction and maximum padding
  • Losing weight because apparently slimmer folk have fewer saddle problems than chunky folk (and here I was thinking my bigger butt would provide better padding)
  • Getting advice from a recommended supplier as to what sort of bike seat you should be using and keep trying until you find one that fits your anatomy
According to AZ Central the best thing to do for a sore bum is to simply get back on! The soreness can occur because our bones and soft tissue have to get used to the new way of life.  So the best thing to do is train our bodies to deal with it.  They say that even experienced riders get sore bottoms after a long ride. 

I Love Bicycling confirm the above by saying our muscles and tendons need to get used to sitting on a bike seat.  "Everything will take a ride or two to tighten up and get used to the demands of supporting your body weight on a bike seat." 

If it's more than just the feeling of "broken bones" from sitting on a seat "made of stone" then perhaps it's time to deal with the chafing.  What better way than to invest in some Aussie Butt Cream! Yep, there is such a thing which has been created "for comfort down under".  Their website also has some handy tips on why cycling shorts and chamois are important (and why me wearing jeans is probably not the best approach). 

So there you have it.  That's the low down on what to do with your "down low" if you're planning to take up bike riding.

I'm not sure I'm ready to get kitted out in lycra yet, but at least I know that bike bum doesn't have to be a permanent problem.

Do you ride a bike?

Do you suffer bike bum?

What are your top tips for riding a bike?   


  1. I bought a pair of those padded shorts and have yet to wear them... because I'm a fool? I don't know. I purposely got ones with padding on the inside layer, and then normal (non-lycra) shorts on the outside. I can't shake the feeling that I'm wearing a nappy though ;)

  2. That's interesting about the slimmer folk. I did not know. I don't ride often enough to have any idea if I get it or not...


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