Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 2811 - My Half Year Review

Well 2017, I can't say I'm lovin' ya right now ...

It's time for some reflection ...
So here we are in the middle of the year.

How has 2017 fared so far?

For those of us in the land of the Deep Fried, I feel that 2017 has not been the best year on record.

It started on New Years Day with the dishwasher breaking down, then went into a near fatal tick bite and 10 day stint in doggy hospital for our pooch, and quickly progressed into the fourth sarcoma diagnosis for the big grown up (step) daughter.  All of that in the first 10 days.

That meant 5 weeks of radiation and surgery with a bit of septic shock thrown in for good measure, more surgery and a longer than envisaged recovery time meaning she'll have had around 6 months of cancer battle for this round.

Just as we thought we might be coming through the other end my dad was diagnosed with a high level prostate cancer which lead to a very quickly organised surgery and he is now also in his recovery mode.

Which means our big extended family Thailand adventure of white water rafting, zip lining, washing elephants, trekking through forests and hanging at an eco-village to celebrate the folks 50th wedding anniversary, has been cancelled.

Sounds like a shit year so far doesn't it?

Well compared to 2016 it definitely is.

Maybe it's just our turn for some challenges.

Obviously there's still stuff to be grateful for.  Our access to good health and wellness options is high on the list.  But there's a bunch of other stuff that is motoring along OK.

The hubby's work is going well with lots of possibility for him to make some good solid headway this year.  Plus his EBay store is going gang-busters which brings in a bit of extra pocket money.  His hard work is definitely paying off.

My stuff all but stopped for a few months as our focus shifted to family health, but even through that I still managed to release another Cheer Chick Charlie book and also launched a brand new children's magazine (with 2 issues out and another 2 planned for this year).  I'm also now heavily involved in my son's soccer club and am still being the Mumager to the model daughter.  So I'm not sitting around contemplating my naval too much.

Our big grown up girl has clearly had to focus on her health but she's been able to do that in the comfort and love of her Mum's home which is a relief given she had previously been living in Queensland and would have had to go through all of this on her own.

The model daughter has just finished her year 12 studies (mid year) which means she can now make the move to the Big Smoke. There was some talk of her going to Korea for a modelling contract but Sydney seems like the better (and much closer) option for now. Regular in-house work with one of Australia's biggest designers helped with that decision.

Our lad is still living a life full of soccer, soccer, soccer and I'm working closely with him and the school to ensure the dyslexia journey isn't too challenging.  He's doing a great job and we can rest easier knowing that the school have his best interests at heart.

The grand-bub is just a delight and through all the fog of 2017 she has been a constant ray of sunshine.

And as for the next Langdown junket, well, after we cancelled Thailand we promptly booked a house in Noosa for 10 days so that we can escape the Canberra winter for some time at one of our favourite places.

So all that said I guess 2017 isn't that bad after all.  It's no 2016, but hey ... life rolls on so I guess we've just got to keep rolling on with it the best we can.

I guess what 2017 has taught me is that we need to be proactive where we can, react when we have to, recover when necessary and create whenever possible.

How's 2017 treating you so far?

What would be the highlights of your mid-year review?

What has 2017 been teaching you? 


  1. Your year hasn't started off well, it's uplifting that you can still find gratefulness. I hope you're year improves x
    My year hasn't been too bad, although I did lose my Gran, and my son was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at the same time. There is actually a lot of positive things happening, and for me it is important that I acknowledge those good things instead of letting everything else overwhelm me.

  2. Oh, when will you be in Noosa? Perhaps we can organise a lunch or something and invite some of the 'gang'!

    And yes, 2017 has been a bit of a stinker for you, but (as usual) I love your positivity! xx

  3. I hope that the second half of the year is amazing for you.

  4. Oh you have had a year and a half already Leanne! I do hope your step daughter and father are okay. It is such a worry but grandchildren have a way of bringing sunshine at the right time - don't they? I hope you have a wonderful time in Noosa and can relax and enjoy yourselves. The weather is glorious at the moment in Qld.
    Have a beautiful day!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  5. Wishing your dad and step-daughter all the best for their recoveries Leanne.
    I hope that your positives outweigh all of the negatives, and that the second half of the year is kinder to you all xx

  6. Wishing you and yours quiet and cruisy for the rest of the have had more than your fair share in 2017. Mine? already know. Not the best time at all. However, I am hopeful by the end of the year things might be brighter. Oh maybe not. We have to find another rental ...the owners of this place want to move back in late Feb. I am so not wanting to find another air conditioned house because there are not many. Anyway, enough of me. Happy Holidays wherever you land. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week will be the last link up for a while. My blog post of this week explains the reason.

  7. That's been a year and a half for you so far! Wishing you a less dramatic next 6 months...far less dramatic!

  8. Well it hasn't been a fabulous start to the year Leanne, but I really like that you've still found some positives in amongst it all. I think 10 days in Noosa sounds delightful - especially as I sit here in front of the heater wearing my ugg boots!

  9. Leanne, what a year! You're doing an amazing job of not only managing but thriving and making it all work.

    SSG xxx

  10. I think you've summed it up well with "I guess what 2017 has taught me is that we need to be proactive where we can, react when we have to, recover when necessary and create whenever possible."

    My recovery got interrupted by things I can't really blog about and I feel like I've been set back a week or more. Sadly, I have to go back to work tomorrow regardless. It's exhaustion I'm worried about, which is making me quite sad as that was what I was really hoping to be over. I just keep reminding myself that the ENT did say I'll still "feel" the surgery for up to 6 weeks after, so until I reach that time, I'm trying very hard to not be hard on myself.

  11. Love your continue at all costs attitude. May your dear ones be restored to a measure of health.

    Be kind to yourself busy woman x


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