Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Day 2813 - Wellness Wednesday - The Coogee to Bronte Walk

It's time for part one of the scenic walk series.

Today on this Wellness Wednesday I get serious about my walking.  So serious in fact that I'm actively looking for fantastic walking routes wherever my car takes me.

Yesterday I was in Sydney with the model daughter and found myself at a loose end.  Foresight saw me pack sneakers and rather than wander around eating and shopping, I balanced the eating with a serious walk instead.

The Coogee to Bronte Walk is a well known walk in Sydney that is popular with both the locals and the tourists.

It's part of the even more popular Coogee to Bondi expedition.   Had I only been walking in one direction I would have done the entire thing, but I had to be mindful of returning to collect my car.  I'll do part two next time.

I parked at Coogee and was lucky enough to get street parking which gave me 4 hours for free.  I chose to start at the Coogee end for this reason alone.  Parking at Bronte (and Bondi) can be expensive.

I then ventured over to Dolphin's Point and the Bali Memorial for a look-see and checked out the cliff tops, before starting the walk down through Gordon's Bay and up around to Bundock Park.

The Gordon's Bay component has a good amount of hills and stairs for a thorough leg workout.

I continued my walk around Clovelly Beach and watched the swimmers handle the choppy waters of the sea pool before heading up to Shark Point where I climbed a few rocks and went as close to the edge as possible to get a good view of the ocean.  I even ventured into the Clovelly Bowling Club for a bit of a peek before continuing my walk to the edges of the Waverley Cemetery.

I've chatted about Bronte and Waverley before so I won't bore you with those details.  You can check those posts out here and here.

I then turned around and retraced my steps all the way back to Coogee where I promptly rewarded myself with lunch at the Coogee Bay Hotel.

The walk from Coogee to Bronte along the scenic cliff top route is around 4.2 km one way.  It is definitely one to do wearing sneakers and comprises a few hilly areas with stairs.  I was wearing jeans and a jumper which I wouldn't recommend.  Active wear is definitely more appropriate.

It's a scenic walk and fun to do either alone or with company.  It's a great way to see the unique cliffs and ocean views that Sydney has to offer.

Have you done the Coogee to Bronte Walk?

Perhaps you've gone all the way to Bondi?

What scenic walks have you been on lately?


  1. Yep, all the way to Bondi...or rather done it Bondi to Coogee with the reward at the Coogee Bay...

  2. We heard about this walk when we were in Sydney in February, but alas we didn't have time for it. Maybe next time. Have a fabulous week and thank you for stopping by my blog last week.

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